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Wednesday, January 25, 2006


In Praise of Well Regulated Monopolies

I'm a free market capitalists, but corporations (like children) need limits. My electric bill is going up 40 percent this may and here is why, "In the late 1990's Maryland, Delaware, and New Jersey began rolling back government oversight of power generation to spur competition and drive down prices. Competition for residential customers never materialized, however and in New Jersey and Maryland, where deregulation is nearly complete, prices have spiked." - WNJ 1/25/06

Update From Anon

Trying to figure out how we got into this mess...

From the New Castle Business Ledger and from Ron Williams, of all people. is all over it:

Perhaps the most guilty of all are Delaware’s media. Here’s how it works: Before she retired, one of the Gannett-owned Wilmington News Journal’s most experienced reporters, Jane Brooks, covered utility matters. She seldom reported any point of view other than that of utilities. She would walk right by a demonstration of angry citizens in order to write down the blather of utility people. When we called the Conectiv public relations shop a few weeks ago, guess who answered the phone? “Jane Brooks.”

The General Assembly, like the Governor’s Office, is played like a violin by Conectiv and big industrial interests. The many screw-ups by Conectiv over the last couple of years have had no effect on this control. John Flaherty of Common Cause has shown that during the course of Delaware’s main “deregulation” bill, the House of Representatives changed its definition of conflict of interest so more members could vote to deregulate Conectiv. Some of the members most flagrantly subservient to utilities include Sens. Thurman Adams and Robert Venables, and Rep. Roger Roy.

So if someone was thinking about taking on Roy or Venables, they just got a big boost.
Like I said on another thread, those A/C bills will be coming in during election season.

Here are those links right to the articles. Don't miss the one by Ron Williams.

New Castle Business Ledger (scroll down to "Electric choice legislation introduced").

Ron Williams (courtesy of Google cache).
So if someone was thinking about taking on Roy or Venables, they just got a big boost.

Venables was re-elected in 2004, defeating Seaford Mayor Dan Short, who is the Republican nominee for the 39 Rep district this year. Venables is not up again until 2008.

I think anyone who was in the Legislature during the de-regulation debate can be held accountable for their votes.
You could call them the "Conflict Caucus".
Great post Jason, thanks!!!
The most damning thing is not that the bill was passed in the first place. Now that the competition has failed to materialize for residential service, the onus is on the legislature to recognize that dereg failed in its stated purpose and is wrong for Delaware. And to do something about it.
Love the in-yer-face Fieldstone Golf club advert on page one...GO Ledger GO!!!
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