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Monday, January 30, 2006



On Friday George H.W. Bush did show up at a republican fundraiser in Wilmington. Jason of Delawareliberal, misled by faulty intelligence on the matter, had reported that Bush was likely to be a “no show” at the event.

Delawareliberal spokesperson, Scott McClellen has recently faced reporters looking into the Delawareliberal’s willingness to use faulty intelligence in its reporting.

Q: Scott, does Jason consider the intelligence that his secret source within the Delaware GOP provided him on George H.W. Bush to have been good intelligence, or to have been faulty intelligence?

MR. McClellan: I’d like to address that issue by repeating - The security of the American people is Jason’s top priority. – the fundraiser Friday was to pay tribute to Laird Stabler for his great record of accomplishment that he has achieved in public service.

Q: So was it good intelligence – not faulty?

Q: He has a legitimate question. You can't just whitewash it and say we're not going to talk about that today.

MR. McClellan: But I can say that we've already addressed that issue, and we have.

Q: You didn't answer the question, though.

MR. McClellan: We've already addressed the question. Today is a day to pay tribute to Laird, and we're going to stay focused.

Q: I asked a question about something else, about whether the intelligence was good, or whether it was faulty.

MR. McClellan: And we're going to stay focused on honoring. Liard. That's where our focus will be.

If I were a republican I would let it stand at that. However I can understand that some people might find my spokesperson, Mr. McClellan’s, remarks less than satisfying. So, I will add that I apologize to anyone who feels that they are owed an apology and in the future I will not pass along information from my secret source, unless it is information that conforms to my preconceived notion of the truth.

In lieu of a car wash, which would violate my desired anonymity, you can do one of two things:

- Wash Hube's car.
- Make a donation, whatever the value of your labor, to New Castle County Habitat for Humanity.
I'll let Hube choose. I'll gladly do either.
Huck huck
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