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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


The Difference Between Funny and Sickening

There is something sickening seeing a republican run Senate judiciary committee hearing. I could not put my finger on it, but I think Chris Bowers at Mydd has nailed it.

One thing that is growing increasingly clear to me during the hearings is just how funny Republicans in the Senate judiciary committee think they are for getting away with their basic strategy in the hearings, which is for Alito to answer as few questions as possible.

Earlier today, when Specter noted that Alito had actually taken an opinion on something, all of the Republicans on the judiciary committee laughed. Then they went right on urging him to not take an opinion on anything. Getting away with the stonewall strategy is funny to Republicans.

Yesterday, Lindsay Graham, who helped prepare Alito for the hearings, made a joke about how funny it was that Alito couldn't remember anything about Vanguard or Concerned Alumni for Princeton. Everyone laughed, and then they went right on telling Alito that it was perfectly acceptable to say that he didn't remember anything. Getting away with lying is funny to Republicans.

thanks for this post, Jason.
Sickening abuse of the system. Biden said today that we may as well skip the judiciary Q&noA and go to the floor for a vote... and he is not usually defeatist.
Yeah, I thought Biden was onto something, until I realized if there were no hearings, we'd have Bork on the court already.

Plus, the hearings can properly damage the credibility of unsuitable nominees, even if they are approved (i.e., Clarence Thomas is a laughingstock).

And, the prospect of hearings probably forces Presidents to send more suitable nominees in the first place.
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