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Monday, January 23, 2006


Delaware GOP in "complete disarray"

Celia Cohen paints a pretty bleak picture for the Delaware GOP in her recent column.

My secret source within the Delaware GOP goes even farther. In his/her words the party in in "complete disarray" with insiders even beginning to point fingers at Michael Castle for his unwillingness to spend any of his political capital to help field legitimate republican candidates.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall at the fund raiser this Friday. It sounds like the tension will be as thick as the goose liver pate.

Your secret source is full of crap.
I can't figure it out. Delaware is a blue state, voted 60% for Kerry, with wall-to-wall Democrats in state offices.

So why do I feel like I am surrounded by rednecks?
Race weekend?

RE: My source. I guess this friday will tell. Who wants to bet GHW Bush makes ot to Wilmington?
So maybe it's time to pick off a few GOP House members? Who's vulnerable?
The so-called "Six in '06" is a non-starter. The most vulnerable seats by registration and voting record are held by the least vulnerable Reps, DiPinto, Spence, Oberle and Lofink. The D's may be able to pick off 1 or 2 seats, but I doubt it. The two open seats, 33 and 39, are going R big-time.

That fact, however, has nothing to do with the state GOP, which absolutely sucks. I'll admit it is difficult to attract candidates when the numbers are so prohibitive against you, but these guys aren't even trying. All they seem to care about is raising money and national politics. They do more harm than good in local districts, and Kent and Sussex County, the true bastion of the GOP in the state, hates them. I imagine this Strine crowd is out the door after the '06 elections.

Great comments. I would never tell you not to post on this thread.
Interesting that I make "great comments" anytime I trash or go against my party in any way.

I kicked you off the thread because you were being a piss-ant and not contributing to an interesting conversation and debate, which, by the way, I'm losing.
which, by the way, I'm losing.

I noticed, and was dying to make a piss-ant comment but I am a man of my word. My lip is gushing blood however.
It's tough when you're talking to someone with more background than you. I'm swimming upstream.
I think someone with less integrity (like me for example) might have turned to ad hominem attacks. Good for you for not taking it that direction.

Another topic. There is an open seat in Milford. It looks like Bob Walls (D) vs. Jack Peterman or Rob Book (R). You are from down-state. What does that race look like from where you sit?
Peterman in a walk. If you overlay Peterman's Levy Court district over the 33rd Rep district, they're almost the same. So he's almost carrying incumbency into the race, plus the endorsements of Caulk and Bonini, a campaign committee that reads like a who's who of Milford, all in an R leaning district.

That being said, I like Rob Book as one of the up-and-comers of the party. He's a former Roth guy with a background with the Sussex County party. His problem here is that he hasn't been in the district long enough to have the impact that Peterman has. But he definitely has a bright future. He's a sharp guy who's in it for the right reasons. There are a few of those qualified, politically savvy thirty- and forty-somethings in the background downstate, and if we can recruit them, we may have a chance at staging some sort of comeback.
From what I've seen in Eastern Sussex, it is hard to tell the D's from the R's anyway.

Well, first things first. Oberle, then on to Milford.
Why would you start with Oberle? As much as I can't stand him, I would think you'd like a strong friend of big Labor who is the title sponsor on the gay rights bill. Good luck with that one.

"Well, first things first. Oberle, then on to Milford."

...and on to Newark, and Seaford, and Hockessin, and Gumboro, and Elsmere, and Bear, and then to Dover to take back the legislature!AAARRRRRRGGGHHHRRRAAAAARRRRGHHH!!!!

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. You walked into that one, Dr. Dean.
Rumor has it that Thomas Chapman, the D candidate vying for the vacant 39th seat, either withdrew or will be withdrawing from the race. Not sure if it's true, but if it is, it sews that one up for the R's.
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