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Saturday, January 07, 2006


Castle "Wishy-Washy" on Delay Ouster

Fake Moderate Mike Castle made the papers again. This time his fence sitting pseudo-comment was in a Dallas Morning News story about a formal assault on Tom DeLay's leadership position. The story indicates that dozens of House Republicans have demanded a vote to permanently remove the corrupt congressman as majority leader.

While the move requires signatures from at least 50 Republican lawmakers in order to force an election when the House reconvenes Jan. 31, Castle's salesmanship for the ouster comes across as half hearted at best.

"Rep. Michael Castle of Delaware, is also on board. "There's significant interest."

There's significant interest. Wow! now that is one searing indictment. He is really taking the wood to Mr. Delay with that kind of rhetoric. It is this kind of thing that makes me think that Castle believes in absolutely nothing, other than being re-elected.

Castle has no credibility on ethics issues unless and until he comes out publicly against a guy who:

- was admonished by the House ethics committee for providing "special access" to a Kansas utility firm in exchange for a $25,000 political contribution,

- was admonished again by the ethics committee for offering to help in elect a colleague's son to Congress in exchange for a crucial vote,

- was chastised by the House ethics committee for threatening a major trade group that hired a former Democratic congressman to lead his lobby effort instead of a Republican he had recommended,

- masterminded an illegal plan to redistrict Texas in order to consolidate his power,

- and is under criminal indictment for his associations with Jack Abramoff who has pled guilty to buying votes in Congress.

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