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Friday, January 13, 2006


BREAKING: Right Wing Fanatics Determined to Kill Science In Delaware

WBOC NEWARK- Drama is building over a bill aimed at controlling stem cell research in Delaware.   The state House was supposed to vote Wednesday on the bill but it got postponed when a key supporter called out sick.
The House bill does three things: 

- Bans human cloning;
- Makes selling embryos illegal;
- It only allows research on leftover embryos from in-vitro fertilization that would be thrown out anyway.

This bill is being lied about in a coordinated campaign by right-wing religious fanatics who claim that:

"The scientists who destroy the embryos know each embryo's gender and could if they wanted know its future eye color and hair color. ...Under this law, a clone may be legally created, implanted, and carried almost to term, as long as the pregnancy does not result in a live birth."

This is pure nonsense. Unfortunately it is working. The right-wing is far better organized around this issue than the reality based community and has been able to sway many legislators. Everyone needs to take a few minutes today and call their state Rep. and let them know that a vocal minority that is misrepresenting the bill does not represent the views of their constituents.

If you don't know who your legislator is call your county election department to find out:

o   New Castle County: (302) 577-3464
o   Kent County: (302) 739-4498
o   Sussex County: (302) 856-5367

They need to call their Representatives, not their Senators.
fixed. thanks.
- Bans human cloning;
- Makes selling embryos illegal;
- It only allows research on leftover embryos from in-vitro fertilization that would be thrown out anyway.

SB80, apparently.

Remind me: Why are we against this? Yes, it does what you listed above, but the main thing it does is make stem cell research explicitly legal.

And it's sponsored by a bunch of Democrats to boot. So is the rightwing for it or against it? I don't understand...
OK, I get it now...
Pronoun trouble?

the main thing it does is make stem cell research explicitly legal.

WE (democrats) are for it since it is a promising research field and could lead to cures for diabetes, brain diseases like Parkinson and treatments for cancer or Multiple sclerosis.

They (right-wing fanatics) want to stop SB80 because they equate fetal tissue research with abortion.
Yeah, I know the issue on the national level but I wasn't following it in Delaware (like I suppose most Delawareans aren't I just read the bill cold for the first time today, and I got the hang of the Delaware debate after visiting the opposing website.

The bill looks like a typical Delaware compromise, with the added restrictions, but overall quite reasonable, and I'm for it.
The opposition to this is disingenuous. Unless the Republicans want to also close fertility clinics which produce and discard huge numbers of fertilized cells every year, the opposition to stem cell research is basically a mail list-building, fundraising ploy.
The campaign against SB80 is just a little taste of what Delaware could look forward to if Roe v. Wade falls. Delaware apparently has a pre-Roe abortion ban still on the books. So without Roe it would (I suppose) be up to the AG to enforce or not, followed by lawsuits and new legislation.
Looking into it some more, it's very interesting how the text of the bill lines up with Astra Zeneca's guidelines on embryonic stem cell research.
I guess it would be interesting if it were not sort of well known that the whole point of this is to build the same kind of public/private love-fest around biotech here in Delaware that they were able to build with the credit card banks in the 80's and 90's.
Yeah, I was looking for the usual connection between the religious right and business, but here they seem to be working at cross-purposes. So in that conflict, I expect the church ladies to get squashed by business.

How does the Delaware GOP line up on this bill? or are their heads exploding?
Anon 10:32, this bill is being driven by a conservative Democrat, Venables, and a moderate Republican, Hudson.

I am a Delaware Republican and I am all for SB80.

If this can build into an industry in Delaware with high-paying jobs and increased state revenue, then I'm doubly for it.

But I believe California has a $3 billion initiative in place to help develop biotech and stem-cell research in CA. Tough to compete with that.
Those DE Catholics!!!
Vote postponed until Jan. 19, so there's still time to call your legislator.

You're falling down on the job, jason. I had to get this info from the opposition web site!

Anybody know how the vote is expected to line up?
Speaking of the opposition website...

Where's the SB-80 supporter website with heart-tugging pictures of children with congenital health problems, March Of Dimes style, who could be helped with embryonic stem cell research?

Wish I had thought of it sooner.
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