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Friday, January 13, 2006


Biden Hatred Grips Delaware GOP

If you have read Delawareliberal for long you know that I don't like Biden as a Presidential candidate. As a Senator, I think he is pretty good, but I still harbor some bad feelings for him as a result of his failure to use his position try and stop Bush's vanity war.

Anyway, I know some people who REALLY HATE Joe Biden. It is the Delaware GOP. In their latest newsletter In Case You Missed It: News Update from across the First State they devote 15 out of 18 stories to flat out Biden bashing. Bristling with such hatred, you would think they could find someone to run against him. Oh well.

If you can wade through all of the Biden bile you will also learn that Speaker Terry Spence fights to send sex offenders to jail for life and Rep. Bobby Outten calls for safer boating.
UPDATE: I just remembered. Only 7 days until the big GHW Bush "no-show" at the Delaware GOP fundraiser.

GOPer in this state is all washed up and no where to go, whine.
I am a Delaware Republican, and I have an unabashed love for Joe Biden. I don't want him making one decision that affects my life, but I could hang with him all day long.
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