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Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Banned From Rhodey

I'm not allowed to post at Rhodey anymore. Common sense, it seems, drives them nuts. Anyway, They have a post up giving John Kerry the business over his take on illegal wire taps. Here is my response:

So Kerry is the poster boy for this point of view?

I would have thought you could have gotten similar choice quotes from conservative republicans like Brownback, Grahm and Lugar, ex-congressman Bob Barr, the NRA, Columnist Christopher Hitchens and Grover Norquist, all of whom agree with John Kerry.

They all believe that instant wiretaps are an important tool - a important tool that is provided for in the FISA LAW. What does Bush need with laws though? He is the law right?

Dangerous stuff, I know. The braintrust has thin skin though.

Yeah, I noticed they don't allow anon posts anymore, even though they haven't really had much of a problem with untoward anon posts. So I wasn't able to post this:

No, what sounds familiar is the GOP half-truths and smear tactics. All Kerry is saying is "Eavesdrop, but follow the law about it (i.e., get warrants).

Kerry correctly points out the NSA program is ILLEGAL not per se, but because it bypasses the legally required warrants.

Here's the full quote you conveniently truncated for partisan purposes:
"We're prepared to eavesdrop wherever and whenever necessary in order to make America safer. But we put a procedure in place to protect the constitutional rights of Americans."
What are they afraid of?

Oh, I remember their knee-jerk conservatism does not hold up to even the most mild scrutiny.
What are they afraid of?

Oh, I remember their knee-jerk conservatism does not hold up to even the most mild scrutiny.
FWIW scourge, I agree w/Rhodey this time, and how. You turn every little thing into an overly partisan matter ... and all a hate-Bush rant. It's silly, tiresome, and childish. You just piss everyone off w/
that crap. Everyone. And Rhodey has had it.

You have your own blog to do that on. Problem solved!

Anon: You can STILL post anonymously if you wish, y'know. You can just pick a pseudonym and even phony e-mail addy, for all we care. Your claim above is erroneous; requiring name and e-mail helps cut down on spam, that's all.
What in the world does "FWIW" mean?
For What It's Worth
FWIW your excuse is lame.
Jason, the problem is that you are never, ever positive. It's all negative with you. I know you have constructive opinions to offer, I just can't see past the mean streak and the anti, anti, anti.
What? I'm positive.

I'm positive my disposition will improve when Bush is no longer President.

...but seriously folks. I'm one dimensional in blog world only. If you ever met me at a little league game or a cub-scout event you would find me to be an affable chap. (Why don't you interview me for your blog sometime?)

The way I see it, there are plenty of 110% conservatives out there. I'm talking about conservatives that in spite of all evidence, would never EVER deviate from the party line. This puts liberals are at a constant disadvantage because liberals believe in comprise and nuance.

So I’m kind of on a mission. I’m giving conservatives a taste of their unmovable, intractable medicine.

Guess what? They hate it.

Does that mean that I take positions that I don’t believe in? No. I just don't comment.

Does that mean I never give Democrats a hard time? I guess in a way.
Actually the Colossus blog rejects addys from my favorite disposable email address service. No matter, frankly I'm surprised any blog allows anon comments at all.

I'm Anon because it forces the conservatives to evaluate the merits of the comment rather than blanking out and launching into some ad-hominem snark.

I realize as an Anon I also have the responsibility not to do ad hominem attacks myself. And really, I don't see a lot of crap coming from Anons on any local blogs - it's all coming from jason (just kidding!!)

Kudos to delathought for allowing Anons, and for engaging in thoughtful discussion with one the other day. He's a good sport. Rhodey will be left to chat with the GOP sewing circle (proof: see their latest Kerry thread).
Speaking of dissenting points of view: Check this out:

In Which Once Again The Medium Lobster Must Save The Democratic Party Out Of The Goodness Of His Heart
(that's Jan 21, in case this guy's blog has scrolled on).
Thanks, Anon. I just wish that Anons would make up a screen name so people like Jason and I know that we're talking to the same person time after time.

I deal with Jason a different way. I ask him to stop posting on individual threads when he gets carried away. He's a good sport about it. But he's done it to Rhodey a few too many times.
Once again, anon, your excuses ring hollow. You can utilize *any* sort of e-mail addy. It doesn't even have to be legit, from what I understand. Hell, I just tested it to be sure and it worked. My fake e-mail was even borderline locker room humorish. Make something up, for cripe's sake. Quit making lame excuses to make Rhodey out to be some ogre and you some ethical saint. Sheesh.
I thought Hube was Rhodey.
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