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Tuesday, January 31, 2006


As American as Hatred, Bile and Apple Pie

I'm going into my "press blackout" in advance of the SOTU tonight. However, before I sign off I wanted to make an observation. On the brink of yet another address to the nation where Bush is bound to claim that the state of the union is "strong" or some such nonsense, I think it is interesting that the Republican Party no longer tries to hide the fact that it is the party or hatred, bile and disunity.

Where once the GOP was subtle about it, we now have Delaware republicans so full of hate for Joe Biden that their billboards are rejected by Clear Channel.

Where once the republican leadership would publicly repudiate the hate filled words of people like Ann Coulter, and try to distance themselves from Ms. Coulter's calls to assassinate sitting supreme court justices, now the professional haters are cultivated and valuable members of the republican intelligentsia.

Where once republican Presidents like Reagan would at least go through the motions of being the advocate fore the interests of the whole country, we now have Bush who is very candid about is disdain for the middle class and eager to use disunity as a tool to advance his benefactors narrow economic interests.

If anyone out there decides to watch the President mouth the words of unity and prosperity tonight please let me know if the union is simply "strong" or "never stronger".

Bush will propose to make his tax cuts permanent. It's interesting to note the reason the tax cuts weren't made permanent in the first place. It's because the EGTRRA/JGTRRA bills (the primary Bush tax cuts) were subject to the Byrd rule. That's a technical Senate rule stating basically that any senator can object to legislation that will increase the deficit, and call for a 3/5 vote. The GOP could not meet the 3/5 threshhold, so they wrote in the sunset provision themselves, thereby admitting, on the day they passed the legislation, that the tax cuts would increase the deficit.
This will be a test of endurance for me since I have never managed to make it more than two minutes into anything bubble boy has had to say.
This will be a test of endurance for me

You could try the SOTU Drinking Game...

Basically, every time Bush says "terror," "terrorism," "terrorist," "war on terror" or "Terror Dome," you drink.

Whenever there's a close-up of a sour-faced Democrat, drink. If it's Hilary Clinton, Ted Kennedy or Harry Reid, drink twice.

When the president alludes to "tax reform," "tax credits" or "tax relief," give a big shout-out to the federal budget deficit — then drink.

Drink each time the president begins a charming anecdote about some folks from a small red-state town; drink twice when the camera cuts to said folks.

... you get the idea.

Don't drive home.
What do you think about the fact that Bush cut taxes, and government receipts are at an all-time high anyway?
republican intelligentsia?

Hello?...oxymoron alert.
What do you think about the fact that Bush cut taxes, and government receipts are at an all-time high anyway?

More lying with numbers.

Receipts are sharply down, expressed properly as a a percentage of GDP.
Receipts are at an all time high, expressed as "receipts." Of course they'll be at a lower rate with lower tax rates, but there is more money coming in than ever before. Properly my ass.
there is more money coming in than ever before.

Well if you like that, then you are just gonna LOVE the inflation soon to come.
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