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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


Americans Trust Democrats

This Pew Research Center Report shows that Americans trust the Democrats to deal with the most pressing problems facing the country.

..the Democratic Party holds a sizable advantage over the GOP as the party better able to handle the country's most important problem (the economy). Fully 41% believe the Democratic Party can do a better job of handling the nation's top problem, compared with 27% who say the Republican Party. This represents a major shift from a year ago, when the public split about evenly on which party could better address the most important national problem...The Democratic Party is more trusted to handle every specific problem mentioned, with the lone exception of security and terrorism, and in most cases its advantage has grown significantly compared with a year ago

As the Bush administration continues in it's ineptitude, security and terrorism will certainly swing to the Democrats as well.

Dude - I'm a Democrat and I don't trust the Democrats. I trust the Constitution and checks and balances.
Get outtta here here with that "I'm a Democrat" crap. You think that is fooling anyone?

Only 27% of Americans say that they trust the Republican Party to move America forward. You are part of that 27%.
"Checks and balances"
It helps if there is no party holding all of the cards.
The judiciary seems to be beholden to the right and with Alito in we have much to fear for the rights of the "little guy" (my bet's on his confirmation and not happily so).
Yes, by checks and balances I meant we should vote in a mixed govt. Which at this point in time means vote straight Dem.

The Dems would need a few years to clean up the GOP tax code and deficit mess and restore good relations with the world. But if the Dems retained majority for too long, corruption and arrogance would set in just as it has with the GOP now, and in that case I might even vote for a Republican now and then.
Okay, I'm convinced. You may not be part of the nit-wit 27% after all.

I just get sick of all these R's posting, "I'm a Democrat but..." and then giving some RNC talking points.
I LOVE Republicans... when they are a minority party. When Republicans are the minority, an amazing transformation happens and they all become fiscal conservatives. We Democrats need Republicans to keep us straight on taxes and spending.
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