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Tuesday, December 13, 2005


Wingnut WNJ letter writer slips up and tells the truth

I use the term "Bush regime" to denote a nearly fascist system of social control which extends from the RNC into the courts, and the media. Is that what Bob Gentile also meant to suggest in his letter to the WNJ?

"Why, pray tell, do most liberal papers like yours slash away at our president? Front page!...why didn't the report that our economy is flourishing under the Bush regime make front page news?"

hmmm... I guess Bob welcomes our Republican overlords.

Justin, could you provide a link? (preferably one that works, of course, you still haven't fixed the broken link you supplied in the marklevinfan post)
Here is a link to the letter. WNJ letters
I don't think the WNJ is liberal in anyway, but I love the header they put over that wingnut letter:

Reader seems upset
Typo alert: I don't think the WNJ is liberal in any way.
You must have your head up you butt! The WNJ is as liberal as they come!
Jason, you seem to have a devoted following of wingnuts, congrats!
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