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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


When Sportswriters Attack

I picked this up from a Kos diary. Even the sportwriters are ripping this terrible Republican Congress.

"To all U.S. government officials:

Once you figure out how to make the voting process for elected officials flawless and above any suspicion, and

once you figure out how to get our brave troops home from Iraq, while also being sure the country won't instantly collapse,and

once you figure out why, as the Los Angeles Times has been reporting, the U.S. Defense Department is paying the Iraqi press to run false stories in order to reference them in an attempt to show the war is going well, and

once you make sure that we're all safe from terrorists and their dirty bombs, suicide bombers, threats to our mass transit system, biological weapons, kamikaze pilots, and any other diabolical schemes they can come up with, and

once you figure out how to erase the federal deficit, figure out how to help all of those who can't get health insurance, figure out how to help those who can't afford the overpriced, life-saving drugs they need, figure out how Ben Stiller is still getting movie deals, figure out how we're going to rebuild/relocate New Orleans in a timely, efficient manner, and

once you figure how I'll get a dime of all the Social Security money my generation is whizzing away, THEN, and only then, can you watch a BCS game. You have no business investigating something as trivial as whether or not the BCS works."

Pete Fiutak writes a weekly column called the Calvalcade of Whimsy for

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