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Monday, December 12, 2005


War on Christmas

From CNN Via Atrios:

Air America Radio's Sam Seder turns his attention to "the war on Christmas"

SEDER: Listen, as far as the war on Christmas goes, I feel like we should be waging a war on Christmas. I mean, I believe that Christmas, it's almost proven that Christmas has nuclear weapons, can be an imminent threat to this country, that they have operative ties with terrorists and I believe that we should sacrifice thousands of American lives in pursuit of this war on Christmas. And hundreds of billions of dollars of taxpayer money.

PHILLIPS: Is it a war on Christmas, a war Christians, a war on over-political correctness or just a lot of people with way too much time on their hands?

SEDER: I would say probably, if I was to be serious about it, too much time on their hands, but I'd like to get back to the operational ties between Santa Claus and al Qaeda.

PHILLIPS: I don't think that exists. Bob? Help me out here.

SEDER: We have intelligence...

PHILLIPS: You have intel. Where exactly does your intel come from?

SEDER: Well, we have tortured an elf and it's actually how we got the same information from Al Libbi. It's exactly the same way the Bush administration got this info about the operational ties between al Qaeda and Saddam.


I'm going to add Air America to the blog roll. Sam should do the Democratic response to the State of the Union Speech.

That rocks! lmao! Now we need some humor about how the 'War on Poverty' has been so successful because of all the great liberal social programs! What? It hasn't been? oh, never mind......
That was pretty funny. :)

Still, all joking aside, any fair-minded, objective person who is also actually informed on the issue, would have to concede that there most certainly IS an assault on the use of the word, "Christmas", and any non-secular image even remotely connected to this holiday. It's absurd!

I don't think any reasonable person has a problem with the use of the word "holiday" during this particular season, but NOT to the utter exclusion (read: ban) on the word "Christmas". THAT is what is so unreasonable and intolerant here.
I agree. If a clerk in KMart is Christian, he or she should be given every encouragment to say merry Christmas.
Our world needs to have more ties to the message behind the trappings than less.
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