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Monday, December 26, 2005


Tommywonk on WDEL

I hope everyone was well treated by Santa. I'm spending the afternoon cleaning up and listening to a Delaware blogger who I have a lot of respect for, Tom Noyes, who is filling in on the Rick Jensen show on WDEL, from 1 to 3.
He is going to be talking about "The war on Christmas: Who won?" and who got coal in his or her stocking this year.

WDEL is 1150 AM on your dial and at on the web, and the call in number is call in at 302 478 9335.

Here are the Delawareliebral talking points if you want a heads-up.

- "The war on Christmas", like "gay marriage" and "Terry (sp?) Schivo" are nothing more than fundraising tools for the array of right-wing non-profits that require everyone to be outraged all of the time.

- They need the outrage to raise money to cover thier HUGE operating budgets, but it is a racket that is fully supported by the RNC.

- The RNC needs the outrage becuase it keeps people from being outraged by the criminal corrput government that is working in the interest of a small group of plutocrats, rather than working in the interest of the people.

Wonk, your symbolic arrow is soooo phallic!!!!!
An unlikely combatant in the War On Christmas... the RNC webpage is currently wishing us "Happy Holidays."
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