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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Oxymoron of the Year: Republican Libertarians

Many Delaware wingnuts fancy themselves libertarians. These pretend patriots should check out this MyDD interview with Michael Schiavo.

Matt Stoller: Michael, a lot of us were horrified watching the intrusion of the government into the private life of your family. At what point in your 15 year journey did politicians begin to see political advantage in intervening in your family's private and painful lives?

Michael Schiavo: The political circus officially began in 2003 when Governor Bush got together with some legislators and decided their political needs should overrule my private family decisions and the decisions of Florida courts.
...There are many good Republicans - where I work, in my family and all over the place. And many of them were sickened by what they saw their party doing to the rights of individuals and families. But the people leading the Republican party in Washington D.C. and in Florida today aren't like the Republicans I know.

The leaders of that Republican party are, in my opinion, out of touch, mean spirited and very selfish. To do what they did just so they can win re-election is the lowest kind of politics. And it cost them the support of at least this Republican.

My message to moderate Republicans is: Pay attention. Learn what these people are doing in your name and with your votes.

Schiavo was a lifelong republican before his family got caught in the gears of the Republican public relations/re-election apparatus.

Absolutely. No Doubt. One of the worst political decisions in years. They had no business getting involved. Period.
jason said...
"Schiavo was a lifelong republican before his family got caught in the gears of the Republican public relations/re-election apparatus."

You guys can have Michael Schiavo! He definitely fits in much better with liberals than with conservatives.

If he had any decency whatsoever, he would have gone to his in-laws and told them that although he had loved Terri, he could no longer deal with the situation, and he wanted to move on with his life. They would have understood, and would have cared for Terri.

I remain horrified till today that our legal system permitted the murder of this innocent woman. Libs just do not get the sanctity of innocent life issue.
I think that we have to take him at his word that he loved Terry and was doing what she would have wanted....I certainly would NOT have wanted to exist like that and I would have asked my mom and dad to let the lord have me...there's a time and place for modern medicine to make a better life for you but Terry' husband thought that she would not have recognized what she had become as better.

The whole deal was horrific.

Shiavo is starting a political PAC, I wonder where he will throw the dough.

You made my day. I miss the Republican Party that respected privacy and worked to keep the government out of our personal lives.

Your comment made me feel, for a moment, that remnants of that party still existed. Then trinity had to wreck it.
jason said...
"Your comment made me feel, for a moment, that remnants of that party still existed. Then trinity had to wreck it."

Oh, soooo sorry I offended you, jason! Excuse me for feeling sad, angry and appalled that a young woman whose life had intrinsic value to her family was sentenced by our "justice" system to die a long, drawn out, horrible death from dehydration.

Too bad they don't use that as the "method of choice" to put rapists and murderers to death. We should allow lowlives like Tookie and others to experience that wonderful "eurphoria" that these unconscionable individuals say that Terri experienced. NOT

Also, I would remind you that there was never any written directive from Terri Schiavo that expressed her wishes in such circumstances. There was only Michael's word, which imo was highly suspect, considering that he never mentioned Terri's "wishes" back in November of 1992, when he was busy suing Terri's doctors for malpractice, to the tune of $20 million dollars, money which he claimed he needed to care for her personally, at home, for the rest of her life. (gag me, please)

Of course, once he was awarded the money, (he got only $2 mil) he promptly remembered that Terri would never want to live that way. Memory is a tricky thing.

One of Michael's old girlfriends testified that when she had asked him about Terri's wishes, he responded, "How the hell should I know? We never spoke about this. My God, I was only 25 years old. How the hell should I know? We were young. We never spoke of this."

Michael Schiavo is a piece of shit!
It would be nice if I could remove the "r" that I inadvertently placed in the word "euphoria" in my above post. (sigh)
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