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Thursday, December 15, 2005


On Rooting For Bush

With another round of Iraqi elections in the news, the Bush PR machine is going full-tilt. I was thinking about Bush when I read this, and I was surprised by how much Woody Allen's take on George Bush agrees with mine.

"I didn't start out with any hostility; I started out rooting for him. I was rooting for him, certainly, after 9/11, and when I was in Europe a few days after Sept. 11 and I was saying, `Well, I hope he'll do a good job, I'm optimistic, I think he will.' He certainly got off to a good start and showed sympathy and enthusiasm and said all the right things. But he didn't. He let the country down brutally.

Republican apologists for Bush don't understand that Liberals were rooting for Bush. We all wanted to see America come together and get to work on hunting down terrorists. Then Bush just went off on a crazy neo-con jihad to set up permanent bases in Iraq. He let the country down brutally. Everything since the illegal invasion of Iraq has been just so much PR.

A jihad to set up permanent bases in Iraq? Talk about liberal PR. Nobody wants to be in Iraq for a day longer than necessary. When they stand up, we'll stand down.

I can't begin to address the infinite scope of the willful ignorance in your comment.

Excuse me while I go put a cold compress on my head.
In other words, you can't back up anything you say with facts so you run away.
Oh Lord help me.

Please turn down the talk radio for a second, google the phrase "permanent bases in Iraq" and get back to me.

Jason, why do you hate your country?
You are pulling my leg right? Please say that you are.
This is akin to the Hannity rant today...Liberals, he says, do not want the Iraqi elections to succeed.
Liberals want us to fail in Iraq, he says.
Nothing is further from the truth.
I'll concede that immediately following 9-11, America was united, but sadly, from what I could tell, it didn't last all that long. I honestly believe that the division over the war in Iraq has less to do with Iraq, and more to do with the left's hatred for this president.

Did anyone read about that 77 year old Iraqi woman in Michigan who held up her purple-stained index finger and said with passion and gratitude:

"For Iraq and thanks to America. Without America we couldn't accomplish, could not reach this day. So, anyone who doesn't appreciate what America has done and President Bush, let them go to hell."

If former President Clinton had followed through on his own administration's policy to enact regime change in Iraq, (The Iraq Liberation Act of 1998) I highly doubt that you guys would be having a problem with any of it.
Did some lefty smack her or something?
What's your point?
Anonymous said...
"Did some lefty smack her or something?
What's your point?"

I'm sorry, Anonymous. If that was directed at me, I am missing your own point. Please clarify what it is you want to say. Thanks! :)
As far as our establishing permanent bases in Iraq, I'm sure that's entirely possible, but I think that decision would rest upon whether or not the Iraqi government invites us to maintain an American presence there.

After all, look how many years we've had bases in countries like Germany, Japan, South Korea, etc. We have bases in Bosnia and Kosovo as well. We have bases all over the place. Why not in Iraq?

And actually, it makes perfect sense to keep a small number of bases in Iraq, as well as an embassy there. Why wouldn't we, after we've invested so much of our blood and treasure in helping them with their free elections and setting up their new government?

Naturally, once the major part of our work is done there, and the Iraqi people are ready and able to handle everything themselves, most of our troops will come back home. But none of this is certain at this point, and as a sovereign nation, the decision will ultimately be up to Iraq.
"With another round of Iraqi elections in the news, the Bush PR machine is going full-tilt."

It has to, jason. If they waited for wall-to-wall coverage from MSM, we'd all grow old!

Although, to give credit where credit is due, I see much improved and balanced reporting on CNN lately, on the Anderson Cooper "360 Degrees Show". He was actually on location in Iraq, at the polling locations. Very impressive reporting. :) :thumbsup:
Justin, could you humor me a little, and explain what it is that we have done or are doing in Iraq that so bothers you?

Seriously, was it the fact that we liberated 25 million Iraqi people from a murderous dictator?

Or that we killed his two sadistic, murdering, rapist, psycho sons?

Or is it that there are now 170 independent newspapers available to the Iraqi people, where before there were none?

And 80 independent television stations?

The 27,000 new businesses which have opened in Iraq?

The over 3,000 schools that have been rehabilitated and reopened?

The 8.7 million Iraqi children now enrolled in primary school, and the 5 million Iraqi children between the ages of 6 and 12 who have received vaccinations?

Come on, jason. Which of these accomplishments don't you support? Is it the fact that a poll this year found that 80% of Iraqis believe their lives will be better one year from now? Does that somehow stick in your craw?

If not, then why in God's name do you not support what we are doing there? I'd love to know. Were you even aware of all this good news coming out of Iraq?
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