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Tuesday, December 06, 2005


More Economics for Dummies - Or - "If this is a recovery, why do I feel so sick?"

Although President Bush and his legions of brain dead zombies think things are just peachy, most people are uneasy. This Slate article helps quantify where some of that unease is comming from.

The answer is an expected rise in U.S. business failures.

How can we owe more than $280 Mil to China and be in a recovery? The only ones who have made any recovery are Bush's Haves and Have Mores. The Middle Class is earning less and going deeper and deeper into debt. The savings rate for the nation is -2.2%. The government is so deeply in debt that it has chosen to cut $50 Billion from our safety net programs for the poorest among us. Our army is ill equipped and doesn't have money to replace old and failing equipment. There's no money for Homeland Security or No Child Left Behind. That's not an economic recovery. That's pillaging the U.S. Treasury.
Amen and welcome to Delawareliberal.
During the Reagan/Bushie1 years I thought that GOPers were simply in a desparate mode to grab the last of what they could get away with (after the JFK scare of a truly popular style of election, their power days seemed numbered).

But they must have just gotten thirstier for more and more so we had the GOPAC rules of the road...the Contract for America penned by Newt Gingrich and DE's own former guv, Pete duPont (hubby of WAWA owner, Elise).

duPont hasn't given up. He is leading yet another think tank based in Houston. The GOP is tumbling from the apex, though, and if the DEMs can't get some of their dead weight out of office too, then we will not move this country very far back on track.

Carper is a DINO whom I'd like to see taken down this term.

Contract on America was the battle cry for the 1992 Republican said to finally be over as the splintered party now can't muster the votes to pass bill that overtly rob the poor to give the rich it's nteenth tax break.

I'd like to see us get rid of Castle first. Which reminds me. When did you meet Dennis Spivak ?

And will I get to meet you at the PDD meeting?

7:00PM on Wednesday, Dec. 7th at DelDem Headquarters, 19 E. Commons Blvd., New Castle
Speaking of popular elections, according to the GAO official report, it is now clear that the 2004 elections in several states a handful of people had manipulated voting data to GOPer benefit.
It is statistically impossible to have the results that we had...Americans, we voted Kerry in and got Bush instead.
I say impeach, run them out, run them out now.
I do have that meeting on my calendar, so we shall no doubt bump into one another tomorrow!
Your pal in politics,
Oh yeah, I met Dennis a few weeks ago the same day I met Ernie Lehman and Rebecca of Progressive Democrats.
The new anti-Walmart movie was shown in Newark hosted by the Progressives and I sat through the screening. Dennis came up at the end to introduce himself to the group and give a brief rundown on his background and platform (his very first time in public as a candidate).

The anti-Walmart movie was really good (needed editing though) but it moved me to anger, tears and fury in various portions.
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