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Friday, December 16, 2005


Michael "Pocket Change" Castle Wants to Put Bush's Stupid Face On A Coin

It must be an election year. Forbes has the story of our famous quartermaster's new project.

Is it a new plan for affordable health care? Nope.
Is it some way out of this Iraq fiasco? Nah.
Is it a fair approach to fixing our economy ? No.

It is.......(wait for it)..

...$1.00 coins with the faces of Presidents on them. Hurray !

It's, you know, for the kids.

I hope they put my favorite Prez on a coin, William Henry Harrison. He did less harm as Prez than any other Prez and his term in office was about the right length.
so he'd be drawn and quartered?
Thanks for contributing your two cents.
Hey, if they just print 8 trillion or so of these suckers maybe they could pay off the national debt.

Seems perfectly fitting to me, though. Render unto Caesar and all that.
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