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Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Leadership Questions For Castle

It seems Delay is going down for the count, so here is my email to Mike.


Congressman Castle, is reporting that, in light of Tom Delay’s upcoming trial on money laundering charges, some members of the Republican caucus are pushing for an new leadership early next year. Do you support new leadership elections?

Although the leadership election will be held by secret ballot, as an “at large” member of congress charged with representing all Delawareans in Congress, would you be willing to go on the record with your choice for leader of the in order to give your constituents insight into your core political philosophy?

Finally, do you think that money laundering and influence peddling are limited to a few bad apples within the Republican caucus, or do you think ethics are are problem for Republicans in general?

Thank you for your response to these questions.



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