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Monday, December 05, 2005


Iraqi VP to Bush: Stop Lying

Why do I call George Bush a "liar" ? And why do I call people who think Bush is not a liar "zombie apologists"? Well, it is because when even our Iraqi puppet government points out that he is not telling the truth, I conclude that he is not telling the truth.

"(Iraqi Vice President) Ghazi disputed contentions by U.S. officials, including President Bush, that the training of security forces was gathering speed, resulting in more professional troops.

Bush has said the United States will not pull out of Iraq until Iraq's own forces can maintain security. In a speech last week, he said Iraqi forces are becoming increasingly capable of securing the country."

I can't wait for him to repeat the lie that Iraqi forces are becoming increasingly capable of securing the country about three dozen times in the State of the Union speech.

Did you hear Carper's disgraceful comments on the radio yesterday about his visit to Iraq?

He spoke with our soldiers and had this to tell us, first hand:
"I didn't hear anybody who wanted to cut and run.
I didn't hear anybody who thought that we could start to get out in six months."

Gee thanks, Tom.
Go ahead and repeat the ugly non-true sentiment that some DEMs want to cut and run you SOB.
Go ahead and make it harder to enter into a rational discussion about where we are, how we got there and where we need to go on this.
Tom, are you for an endless occupation? I know you are a corporate zombie, so is this how you are going to serve our state?

Could the GOPers please take this guy away??
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