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Tuesday, December 13, 2005



Of all this things I've written about how corrupt, criminal, sleazy, and unethical Republicans are, this was the post that drove the wingnuts over the edge.

"To be a modern day Republican you need to be flexible. You need to know what words will resonate in the poetry slam of public opinion, and you can’t let outdated notions of morality and ethical behavior get in the way of advancing the Republican cause.

Matt Stoller at MyDD has the story of a Montana Republican office seeker who believes in the sanctity of marriage when it means not letting gays get married. When it means not being married to two women at the same time...sanctity, schmanktity.

"...Fulwiler was still married to his first wife (in California) when he married his second wife in Montana. Montana's law on regular old non-gay marriage is pretty clear: "If a person has been previously married and the dissolution granted, a certified copy of the decree must be presented at the time of application for a marriage license."

* It is okay if you are Republican"


Go figure (?)

My fan is back. Good morning wingnut !
I'm glad you deleted all of those posts, what Nancy Willing said about Harris was pretty mean.
Awww, Tammy Faye and Kathy Harris have both gotten a better grip on the mascara brush.
Hey Nancy, what are you measurements?
Hey there.....come over and take 'em yourself.
You did embarrass me a little, fessing up here!
I caught a pic of Cindy Weiner in DE Today just now and had thopught, jeez, here I go, between that and Sherry Freebery, I'll have to get on the treadmill, by golly.
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