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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I guess the President wants to be able to blame the Iraq fiasco on the Democrats.

SCHIEFFER: ...let me just ask you one more question about Joe Lieberman...

Sen. KERRY: Sure.

SCHIEFFER: ...because there's a lot of talk. Last night--over this weekend, I had four different people tell me that the White House is thinking if the secretary of Defense goes over the next year--and a lot of people think that he will, that the president is thinking of nominating Joe Lieberman to be secretary of Defense. If he did that, would you support Lieberman?

Joe Lieberman ?!! Duncan Black says, “...Holy Joe's already gone through his bit of ritual hazing, demonstrating his willingness to put his name on a pack of lies in service to the Bush administration.”

Lieberman and Woodward...two of a kind
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