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Monday, December 05, 2005


Gullible Wing-Nuts (heart) BS

A certain wing-nut blog in the Delawareblogosphere that shall remain nameless and unlinked to, persistently posts wing-nut urban legends like this one:

"My mother is a kindergarten teacher. Her class is drawn from a comparatively lower-income neighborhood. After Thanksgiving, she put out the Christmas books (i.e., Night Before Christmas, plus various other "Happy Holidays"-type stuff for diversity's sake). Yesterday, child comes up to her. "Teacher, there's a bad word in the new books." Puzzled, Mom goes to check them out. The bad word he points to? It's Santa Claus, saying "Ho, ho, ho."

They think this is real. No serioiusly, they do. Wing-nut urban legends like this always kick start rounds of Republican faux weeping for the state of humanity. Their unquenchable thirst for BS probably explains why they believe in other fantasies like; "They will greet us as liberators", "the economy is improving", "Mission Accomplished" and "We don't torture."

As far as that last one is concerned, that is true. We don't torture. My wife's-cousin's-uncle works in the State Department and he heard it from a buddy.


C'mon you at least have a link to Snopes or another site disproving what Felix at Rhodey wrote? Feliz linked to the Nordlinger piece. If you know for a fact it's an urban legend then provide the proof. I just did a Snopes search and came up empty-handed.

I like a good argument with a rightie, too...but these arguments for arguments can you keep it up??? I'd get tired eventually.
This has urban legend written all over it. You have all of the elements. The trustworthy sounding source, "My Mother is a Kindergarten Teacher". The "those [comparatively lower-income] black folks sure talk funny" appeal, and the "D'oh!" punch line.

This Urban legend has not yet been debunked at snopes but it is only a matter of time.

Anyway, I'm not arguing with anyone just pointing out the facts. I commented on the thread in question, but they took my (witty - if I do say so myself) comment down. As Jack Nicholson said in that movie, "(Felix) can't handle the truth!"
I agree with Jason here, it is a completely unlikely scenario and has snide opportunism written all over it.
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