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Thursday, December 08, 2005


Give 'em Hell Nancy !

Nancy Pelosi introduced a resolution to denounce the culture of corruption in the House, specifically all the times the Republicans broke the rules and held votes open in order to twist arms and bribe members into voting with the White House.

I wonder if Michael Castle will turn out to be pro-corruption ?

Someone in the Philly paper (sorry Ryan, still my fave rag) just covered a bill with a list of procedural improvements such as a limit of 20 minutes for any vote on the floor unless an extension is ok'd by BOTH party heads.
Nancy "Stretch" Pelosi...yeah, there's a cutie for ya, right Ms. Willing? Calling Pelosia dog is dogs...
Hey jason! You and Nancy should put on a Dumb and dumber act.

Oh, wait. It's not an act!
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