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Thursday, December 22, 2005


Ferry planned for Eastern Shore in 2007

Someone please let me know what I can do to help make this happen.

BALTIMORE -- Hydrofoils with unique winglike hulls could soon be gliding passengers from Baltimore to the Eastern Shore.

The ferry, based on a design developed jointly by the University of Maryland and Baltimore-based Maritime Applied Physics, would make the 18-mile crossing to Rock Hall in about half an hour, compared with two hours for the 80-mile land route, said Mark Rice, the company's president.

Would that be awesome or what?

As long as they're ready to lose their ass. Ferries do not make money. Ask DRBA.

Your comment reminded me of a a friend who worked for the National League of Cities. His specialty was urban planning and Mass Transit, so he sat in many meetings aimed at getting municipalities to think creatively about public transportation.

He told me once that every meeting starts in the same depressing way. "Some elected official chairing the meeting welcomes everyone. Then the chair would say something like, 'I think we should start off by agreeing; NOBODY is EVER going to take public transportation."
It's not that no one uses them. The CMLF ferry is quite busy during the warm months. It's that they are fatally expensive to run. If the DRBA did not have DMB toll money, there would be no CMLF.
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