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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Dover PA

I don't have much hope that, having had their asses handed to them, William Buckingham, Alan Bonsell and other IDers in Dover PA will slink quietly away into history. I think they will continue their un-American jihad to make everyone pray to Jesus. Here is a great editorial from a York Country paper via Eschaton.

They lied.

William Buckingham and Alan Bonsell wanted to bring God into high school biology class, and in the process, they lied.

They lied about their motives. They lied about their actions. They lied about what they did or didn't say at public meetings.

They even lied when they claimed newspaper reporters lied in stories about Dover school board meetings.

In his ruling on the Dover case, U.S. Judge John E. Jones III said it was "ironic" that individuals who "proudly touted their religious convictions in public" would "lie" under oath.

Yes, ironic -- at the very least. But also sinful according to the 9th Commandment.

And perhaps also criminal. We can only hope that the appropriate authorities are investigating possible perjury charges in this case. There should be some consequences for what Mr. Bonsell and Mr. Buckingham have done in depositions and on the witness stand by otherwise misrepresenting the facts.

Not to mention what they've done to their community.
They've cost Dover its reputation. The district, even after sensibly voting out the entire school board, again has been made a national laughingstock -- last week "The Daily Show" aired yet another embarrassing and insulting piece on Dover.

They have potentially cost Dover taxpayers perhaps a million or more in legal fees. The judge has indicated the plaintiffs are entitled to such fees.

The unintelligent designers of this fiasco should not walk away unscathed. They've damaged and divided this community, and there should be repercussions -- a perjury investigation -- beyond a lost election.

The ruling suggests board members who approved the ID policy were shockingly ill-informed and lackadaisical about what they were getting the district into. They allowed themselves, taxpayers and students to be made grunts on the front lines of the national culture wars without bothering to learn what they were fighting for.

Turns out it was a lieā€¦.

In short, Judge Jones got it exactly right, eviscerating the pathetic case put forth by the defense. The district's policy was religiously motivated and espoused religion, thus violating the constitutional separation of church and state.

No lie.

Props to the judge and Dover voters... but I bet we'll yet see more ID cases out there in "Alabama in the middle."

Now, I'm waiting for the next Republican candidate to claim his ID-opposing opponent wants to "abolish God from schools." Thus giving the lie to the claim that ID is scientific and not religious.

Ironic thing about Intelligent Design is that it's ultimately blasphemous: If life can be created through intelligence, well, humans are intelligent, right? So given enough time, humans will get intelligent enough to create life.. which equates Man with God. One ticket to Hell, please!

Oh, and here.
Great point about ID being blasphemous and thanks for the link. I happen to be a christian, but many of my close friends have been touched by His Noodly Appendage.

In the end everybody needs to find thier own way to heaven and that is what the founding fathers built into our great system.
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