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Monday, December 19, 2005


The DNC's 50 State Strategy Comes To Delaware - OR - How We Are Going to Crush Republicans at the Polls in 2006

When I read that the Delaware Democratic Party was going to hire three new staff people on a full-time basis and give them benefits, I knew something was up. I mean, where did DelDems get the money to fund these SWEET Republican crushing jobs?

Communications Director - responsible for executing a pro-active message and earned media plan. Coordinating with the State Party Chair and Executive Director, the Communications Director will handle all press inquiries. This position reports to the State Chair and Executive Director.


2 Regional Organizers - responsible for building coalitions and coordinating efforts with party leadership, community leaders, elected officials and activists.

Well, it turns out that something is up. These three new hires are part of Howard Dean's fifty state strategy. The DNC is hooking up the DelDems with the money. To give you an idea of the impact, the Democrats had two full-timers last time around. So we are talking about a 150% increase in staff for the 2006 election.

This is huge. If this is happening in Delaware, just think of the cascading impact across the country. The Republicans are going to have to spend money they did not want to spend, they are going to defend seats they thought were safe (like Congressman Pocket Change Castle's), and they are going to loose toss-up races in 2006. (Assuming the dictatorship of George Bush does not suspend the elections for "National Security" reasons.)

Let me save you the dramatics. The Delaware Damocrats will win the AG seat and the Treasurer race, lose the Auditor race and the Castle race. Delaware Republicans will maintain their majority in the House as will the Dems in the Senate.

Both the US House and US Senate will stay in GOP hands, albeit with smaller margins.

So, take a vacation, J. You can thank me later.

I love it when you try to put on a brave face about the gathering Democratic storm.
That's the great thing about blogs: Archives. And I didn't mean to misspell Democrats.
Typo is my middle name. I thought that was a ham-fisted dig coming from you.
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