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Wednesday, December 21, 2005


Conservatives and Big Brother

As I have noted perviously, most of the Delaware wingnutosphere considers itself "libertarian" . In a recent post Michael Berube allows a reader to explain the current state of libertarianism in America.
Over the weekend, Mark Earnest, a local conservative-libertarian blogger, wrote to me to say that even though he still considered me a Communist liberal leftist (to which I replied, I really resent being called a liberal), he wanted me to know that he could no longer recognize his compatriots on the right as “conservatives.” His post reads, in part:

I almost feel I don’t know these people anymore. It seems now they feel government cannot have nearly enough power. Secret courts, secret warrants, secret prisons, suspect torture, massive data gathering on all aspects of US citizens including medical records, library records, and financial records are all wonderful things. . . .

I truly and honestly do not understand. People who once proudly quoted Franklin’s “Those who give up essential liberty for a little safety deserve neither” now cheerlead the executive branch on in removing any judicial oversight, congressional oversight, and in fact ANY oversight (as most of these laws are secret) from the land. Far from the transparent government the founders imagined, we are now entering a system where laws are kept secret, prosecutions are kept secret, and national security is a password to removing any and all liberty that stands in the way of anything government wishes to do.

That’s just about right, Mark, except for one thing: when they’re not cheerleading for the executive branch, they’re calling the rest of us “traitors,” and demanding that the New York Times be prosecuted for reporting that the Cheney Administration has been spying on American citizens by executive fiat since 2002.

Have you ever read what Liberarians really want? They're frikkin' nuts.

Note that the current conservative revolution was created by stitching together some awfully odd bedfellows - Libertarians and Conservatives, rich capitalists and soccer moms, blue-collar union workers (inexplicably), Catholics and fundamentalists. And they somehow managed to drag along the true fiscal conservatives too. It's been held together by the sheer skill of the Republican campaign managers demagoguing the wedge issues (not to mention Democrat incompetence in calling them on it).

Even now I have blue-collar neighbors who think Republicans are for "smaller government." (Walter Cronkite, we need you now!)

But that "coalition" is inherently unstable, and it is ripe to come unravelled.
Oh, that's "Libertarians" not "Librarians."
or Liberians.
Hey Jason, cool photo.

Thanks. It was from the R's National Convention. Which, as I recall, many people called a "coronation".

(not to mention Democrat incompetence in calling them on it).

True. I think Reid and Pelosi are doing a better job now, but we need to get into the brand building and marketing game in the same way the R's have.

It drives me nuts when white-collar Dems don't suport organized labor, even going as far to parrot the Conservative talking points about being "competitive in a global market place". What a load of BS.

I guess we have Clinton to thank for that one.
Actually, J, those people who are anti-organized labor aren't called white collare Democrats, they're called "New Yorkers."

I'm back.
I don't know what papers you are reading DT, but New Yorks support the strike. It is the right wing corporate media that don't.

"In a WWRL poll, 71% of respondents blamed the MTA and only 14% blamed the transit workers, which Bishop said he found "a little surprising. I would have thought it would have been more even."

Almost every station that took calls found support for the transit workers. "I've used the transit system for years," said Margaret, a caller to WOR, "and I've talked with many workers about the horrible conditions. We need to support them."

er... New Yorkers not New Yorks
I was joking. I'm not following it that closely.
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