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Thursday, December 15, 2005


Castle Votes With Radical Right-Wing Again

As I mentioned befor, Castle always votes with the radical right-wing when the chips are down. True to form he cast the deciding vote on a “deficit reduction” bill that, as Al Macitti put it "made the budget safe for tax cuts".

I don't know how the link to my own posts, so I'll cut and paste my prophetic words here:

Seriously, how “moderate” is Mike?

The Washington Post has this handy tool for finding out.

Click on this database and you will find that in the “narrow margin” votes, where having a “moderate” Congressman break with the radical right-wing of his party would have made a difference, Michael Castle voted WITH the radical right-wing 4 out of 5 times this year. So, when the chips were down, Castle was a faithful rubber stamp for the Bush agenda. He knows who he works for.

In votes with larger margins, when the outcome is not in doubt, Castle does tend to throw an occasional crumb to the moderates. Naturally those meaningless votes against the Bush regime make gullible Democrats happy and drive the Delaware wingnuts berserk. Some of those wingnuts go so far as to call Castle a RINO (Republican in name only) thereby feeding the myth that he is moderate. However, the record actually shows that he is a category unto himself, a MINO. Moderate in name only.

Whoever posted this comment over at Al's blog is my new best friend.

"Frankly I'm tired of deep-blue Delaware voting for Mike Castle over and over again because he has name recognition, and seems to be a nice guy. Delaware, I have news for you - you are Democrats! All the reasons you have for voting against GWB are also good reasons for voting against Castle. Yeah, I know he occasionally goes against the party line when it seems safe. But really, the bottom line is if you vote for Mike Castle you are helping to retain the Republican majority in the House. If you are a Democrat, you have no business splitting your ticket these days."
That bill would have opened up ANWR for oil drilling had Castle and Boehlert not forced the leadership to take it out to ensure their vote. Sounds pretty moderate to me.

I know that cutting taxes is like swallowing battery acid to you, J, but many Americans think it's a good thing.

Mike Castle is in a position now where the leadership has to consult with him on all close votes. That is power, and it's good for Delaware. You think a freshman Dennis Spivack will have the same treatment?
Many Americans have been sold a bill of goods about tax cuts and the economy. I happen to think a huge debt with China holding the paper, is pretty bad for the economy. However I know that you are a true believer, so I will leave it at that.

And as far as Castle being in a position of power, I'd rather have a freshman Democratic congressman serving in a Democratic congress. That would be good for the country, and good for Delaware.
I just read the Philly paper which had Castle voting against this bill but for the Patriot Act renewal.
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