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Friday, December 16, 2005


Castle Feels the Heat From Delawareliberal, Praises Democratic Unity

Al says that Castle is "stung" by being called out for his phoney moderation. I'd say he is reeling. Otherwise, how could you explain this Castle quote in which he praises the unity of the Democratic caucus.

In the House, Democrats were hoping to stand fast against immigration legislation scheduled for a floor vote Thursday. The degree of opposition to the bill depended on what amendments Republicans would allow to the legislation.

"It's the first time I can recall in years that they've been so united," Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del., a leader of moderate House Republicans, said of the Democrats. He credited their unity with giving leverage to moderate Republicans.

What the...? Could it be that Castle knows how "Blue" Delaware is now, and he is simply facing a politcal reality ?

Jason, I like you. You're feisty. But please don't think that Castle gives a shit what you say. Al's talking about Caslte responding to some advertising and press releases that have been run recently.

By the way, the goper has joined the blogosphere. will be added to the blog roll and have the distinction of being the first RNC talking points blog listed.

As for Castle "feeling the heat" form delawareliberal. Yeah...I was kidding.
goper, I'll check out your site too, good title!
Talking Points? Give me some credit, man. I laid the wood to the GOP in the Schiavo thread, didn't I?
Again, I was kidding. I would not even THINK of blog rolling a talking points site.

Our company Christmas party is tonight and I am as giddy as a little girl. By the way, it is a "CHRISTMAS party" as we are old school and loving it. The one or two jews and handfull of taoists and athiests don't seem to mind.
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