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Thursday, December 08, 2005



I went to the PDD meeting last night thinking that Castle (a cog in a corrupt Republican political machine) is beatable. I left knowing that Dennis Spivack is the man who is going to beat him.

Two minutes into his introduction I knew that Dennis Spivack had the guts, the brains, and the heart to take the fight to Castle. Here are some of the other things I learned:

- Dennis Spivack has a compelling personal story and is running for Congress for all the right reasons,

- Dennis Spivack has a significant amount of “earnest” money to get his campaign going, but he is realistic about how much money it is going to take to unseat an incumbent, and

- Dennis Spivack will expose Castle for what he is, not a moderate, but a conservative who believes in nothing other than getting reelected.

I was glad to hear someone speak who knows that Castle has been able to hide behind his identity as an alleged moderate, by occasionally throwing some crumbs to various liberal constituencies, and I am ready to go to work for him. While it turns out that I don’t agree with Dennis on everything, I am absolutely convinced that Dennis Spivack Democratic “David” who is going to take down the Republican “Goliath” Michael Castle.

Woo hoo hoo hoo, tee hee hee hee, whoa ho ho ho, HA HA HA HA....(deep insightful belly laugh)
As I said befor, yuk it up. All the better for the David vs. Goliath narrative for this race.

By the way, my next post on this will get into the electoral numbers. Here is a preview:

Delaware is solid blue + off year, low turnout election + Castle's weak numbers with the Independents + Spivack solid support from the D’s = So Long Congressman Pocket Change.
Wow! Great delivery on the issues, he knows his stuff. You don't have to agree with everything he says but you have to respect that he's thought it through carefully and he's right on most of the issues. This is someone who can make Castle take a stand, and when he does Delawareans are going to see that Moderate Mike ain't so moderate afterall. The only way to stop BushCo is to take back the Congress. We need 16 seats. Delaware has one. Let's do all we can to flip our one and put it in good hands - Dennis Spivack for Congress!

Good points. We Democrats have to get over ourselves when it comes to making our candidates jump through our personal issue hoops. I think that this is the year that other "issues" Dems get a clue and we all start pulling in the same direction.
Castle is no conservative, but you Libs still don't have a chance to beat him!
Spivack and supporters have demonstrated that they (collectively) lack the brains to beat Mike Castle. By demonizing one of the most liberal of nominal Republicans as a right-winger, they solidify his base in the GOP without attracting anything beyond the brass-collar Democrats.

If a man with the brains and ingegrity of Jan Ting and the resume of Ferris Wharton get into their respective races, the top of the GOP ticket could have some powerful coattails.
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