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Saturday, December 03, 2005


Breaking: Castle Gets Challeneger - Democrats Get Another Chance to VOTE AGAINST BUSH

I just got this email from Progressive Democrats for Delaware

"This coming Wednesday you have an opportunity to meet a man who I think will be the next Delaware Representative to the U.S. House.  His name is Dennis Spivack and he is impressive.  We've been moaning and groaning about somebody who can take on Mike Castle.  We've got somebody!  You are going to like him!  So don't miss this meeting - it could be the most important meeting we've had all year.  

 And, June Eisley will share her story about being arrested in front of the White House with Cindy Sheehan.  You don't have to hear about this through the filter of the main-stream-media, you can learn from somebody who was actually there!  June was part of this historic event. 

See you at 7:00PM on Wednesday, Dec. 7th at DelDem Headquarters, 19 E. Commons Blvd., New Castle (see for directions)."

If Rebecca thinks Dennis Spivak is good, Castle just got a big problem.


I met him and thought he could hold his own.


I know that some Democrats like Castle, but they have to see the foolishness in voting FOR a republican majority this year.

For all of Castle's fabled "moderation" - he is a cog in a Republican machine that has not been moderate when it comes to corruption, crime and incompentence.
Dennis Spivack?? Tee hee hee, whoa ho ho, HA HA HA... I can't stop laughing. Although he is an upgrade from Mike Miller.
Laugh away. Get some buddies to yuck it up with you.

In this off year election, the more goopers who laugh off this race, the better.
I'll believe it when I see it. I think Castle is one of those guys who, as they used to say about Earl Long, can only be beaten if he's caught in bed with a live boy or a dead girl.
I hope every Republican in the State thinks Castle is safe. That way the D's, and I's will not have to stand in line next November.

The fact is Bush has taken the middle ground out of politics. Castle is a fossil from a bygone age when people could afford to split the ticket. Now a vote for a guy like Castle is a vote for Delay, Frist and Rove.

If Spivack runs against this horrible Bush reign of malfeasance, he will shock Celia Cohen out of her sensible shoes.
Castle is the leader of the RMSP, and the force behind stem cell research in the House. He....wait, I can't believe I'm defending Castle. He doesn't need any help.
"Castle is ...the force behind stem cell research in the House."

This should keep the religious fanatics at home. Granted, that is not a large number of R'S here in Delaware, but they are the workers.
Castle, Castle, Castle good old Mike. It is kinda hard to justify giving the nice former guv the boot but this Goper majority has me furious...just imagine if Jeffords had not gotten out of the party to vote for the CA energy cost caps!!! One less act of conscience and we probably would not have known about the Enron corrupto machine.
Mike for a moderate, how can your conscience stand itself???
I've split my ticket to vote for Castle in years past. No more. While I have appreciated his moderate positions, he does represent a vote that has supported this present administration. He has supported the leadership that has eroded personal rights. He has supported the leadership that has created $300,000,000.00 deficits from fiscal plans that permited some surplus to pay off our national debt. Even if a Democrat is not elected, the erosion of his vote percentage might induce him to be a bit more independent of the party leadership and more supportive of the people who represent his constituents.
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