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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Zombie Apologists for a Failed Adminstration Get a New Saying

It is sadly predicable, but the new Republican rally cry is, "FDR lied too". It is predicable because the party of moral absolutes is absolutely addicted to filtering every Republican misdeed through real or imagined Democratic misdeeds.

The prophet of this new saying is Jonah Goldberg. Get used to "FDR lied too" because if past actions are any window into the future, the Republicans will be filling the airwaves with this nonsense.

Hi Jason,
Goldberg is one scary guy. I saw him appear on talk TV with his mom...she is way scarier. He is from a clan of rightwingnuts who earn their daily bread reflecting on GOPer talking points.
The philly Inquirer gives him ED page space once in a while.
I am worried that Knight Ridder is up for sale and that the PI has just let go of 60-70 staffers....hate like hell to see that paper go downhill.
The Inquirer could get worse? It is truely a shoddy paper for the size of the Philadelphia market.
"While I have my problems with FDR, most historians are right to be forgiving of deceit in a just cause. World War II needed to be fought, and FDR saw this sooner than others"

If a liberal or someone on the left said this, the right would accuse them of "moral relativism."
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