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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Will the REAL Conservatives Please Stand Up?!

The Delaware conservative blogosphere is dominated by fiscal conservatives, while the national party is dominated by "Christians" who don't see much merit in balanced budgets or in restricting the power of government to make choices for you. This kos diary about the civil war brewing within the Republican party is the best analysis I've read.

"Social conservatives are a loud and organized minority, but a minority to be sure. And their liberty-restricting, regressive agenda is plainly anathema to the majority of Americans, and even the majority of Republicans, who enjoy their individual liberties and freedoms as much as anyone else and do not want the Federal Government annexed by a crusading crowd which wants to use and radically expand Federal power in order to dictate how Americans live and die."

It is worth the 10 minutes

It may surprise some people to find out that I love balanced budgets, low interest rates, and limited government interference in markets.

I'm a liberal, but I'm a Dean liberal. I hope the "fiscals" win the civil war within the Republican party, but the other side seems much better organized and would have to be considered the favorite at this point.
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