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Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Why Does God Hate Republicans?

With the general butt kicking that the Dems laid on the Repubs yesterday, the DE-wingnuts will only comment on the Dover, PA school board race in which a community repudiated "creationism" as science in no uncertain terms. The spin seems to be summed up by a poster at Delawarewatch who asks, "Why are liberals so afraid of God?"

I think, seeing the results of Republican governance, the better question would be "Why does God hate Republicans?" He seems to be forsaking them in a biblical way. I have my own theory. I think that lying, corruption, heartlessness and greed are not things that God goes for in his followers. They happen to also be the things that characterizes the current GOP.

Now the question for Republicans has to be, "How do we get God back on our side?" Given the brain trust that runs the GOP right now, I suspect the answer will be, "Attack someone less Godly than us."

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