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Monday, November 21, 2005


The NEW reason for why we are in Iraq...

Glenn Greenwald has nailed it.

The new rationale they (the pro-war zealots) have now embraced for insisting that the U.S. is in Iraq and cannot leave Iraq for a long, long time is as shameless as it is ironic. The NEW justification for prolonging our occupation of Iraq indefinitely goes like this:

"Back in 2002, we mocked and ridiculed anti-war critics who warned that our invasion of Iraq would spawn chaos and anarchy in that country, would allow Al Qaeda to operate freely, would trigger dangerous regional instability among Iraq's neighbors, and would unleash vicious sectarian tensions and lead to endless, violent civil wars.

As it turns out, the war critics were right about this and we were wrong. Even though we were snidely dismissive of these concerns before the war, this is exactly what our invasion has spawned. Just as they predicted - and just as we vehemently denied would occur - Iraq is a mess, a dangerous and unpredictable disaster.

For these reasons, we cannot leave Iraq any time soon and, instead, have to re-double our occupation and resign ourselves to being in Iraq for a long, long time.

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