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Tuesday, November 08, 2005


Michael Castle Hedges on Support for the President

With the news that we have used chemical weapons in Iraq, curiosity got the better of me and I went to Michael Castle's site to see what he was saying about President Bush and the Iraq debacle he engineered. Imagine my surprise to find this wishy washy, word parsing from our faux moderate member of congress:

"Congressman Castle supported the Congressional Resolution to disarm Saddam Hussein and recently visited Iraq to get a first hand account on how reconstruction efforts are moving forward and to assess troop morale. Castle participated in a bipartisan delegation visit to Iraq and Kuwait and met with military officials, civilian administrators, and troops (including units from Delaware) to discuss the ongoing efforts in Iraq and determine how to proceed with the reconstruction and integration of a free a democratic Iraq."

Granted, this is some old boilerplate but PLEASEā€¦"Congressman Castle supported the Congressional Resolution.." The first order of business is to distance yourself from your party's unpopular leader. Then make it clear that you did not vote for this debacle, you only voted to DISARM Saddam Hussein. That will give him a great deal of wiggle room if (when) a Democrat makes him work for his job.

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