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Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Liberal TV Choices

While I must seem obsessed with getting lying low life Republicans out of office, I do watch TV. For the record, these are my favorites:

10. West Wing (of course)
9. Groundhog Day (which is a movie, but is played enough to qualify as a TV show)
8. The Colbert Report
7. The Apprentice (the real one) & Survivor (tie)
6. Myth Busters
5. The Simpsons
4. The Daily Show
3. The Office
2. My Name is Earl
1. Arrested Development

I would absolutely watch television with you. Of course, I think television is the lowest commone denominator in media and is slowly ruining the minds of millions, but with you...I'd watch.

Great list.

Jaime Anne
Hey, this conservative watches seven of those ten shows!

My Name Is Earl, The Daily Show, The Simpsons, Mythbusters, Colbert Report, Groundhog Day, the West Wing.

Scare ya?

My Name Is Earl and The West Wing are the only two shows I will schedule around (when possible).
I'm a uniter - not a divider.
Now THAT last comment is one of the biggest knee-slappers I've head in a while!
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