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Monday, November 14, 2005


Delaware "Green" Hens

I don't have a problem with well paid University Presidents .

But reading this CNN/Money article, I was struck by how much MORE Delaware pays than everyone as a percentage of operating expenses.

"The best compensated public university leaders are: Mary Sue Coleman of the University of Michigan system ($724,604); David P. Roselle of the University of Delaware ($720,522); Mark G. Yudof of the University of Texas system ($693,677)"

Notice that in the top three, Roselle is the only President who does not preside over a large state university "system".

DE's UD is a system, not as big as these examples.

What is big about the UD is the endowment that old Rosie has accumulated since he got here in the early 90's from West VA.

He increased the UD's slush fund from $250 K to over a billion in that time period.
The endowment id the investment toy of UD Trustees, dominated by the duPont family, of course.

So as a reward for his successful development office funding campaigns, he gets super raises...I think he was hanging in at $500 K a few years ago.

(I was a development office central file manager for the UD)
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