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Friday, November 11, 2005


Cryptic Comments From Michael "Pocket Change" Castle

As power slips away from the Republican wingnut caucus, you would expect moderates (or at least faux moderates) to emerge as a force in Congress. Well if you are waiting for Delaware's Congressman to rally the dispirited Republican troops you are waiting in vain. Here is "Delaware's Best" as quoted in today's Boston Globe.

''The leadership is a little fragmented at this point, and they're dealing with both ends of the rainbow," said Representative Michael Castle, a moderate Republican from Delaware.


Maybe he should stick to commenting on coinage. This is from the San Barnardino County Sun.

"On this date in 1997, The Sun reported that the Senate approved legislation for a gold-colored dollar coin and for quarters honoring the 50 states. A key subcommittee chairman said he expected House approval of the bill.

"This will be the largest change in coinage we've seen in a long time," said Rep. Michael Castle, R-Del., chairman of the House Banking monetary subcommittee. "You're going to have a new look for the quarter and a very different look for the dollar coin. These are very significant changes. "

What does he mean by "both ends of the rainbow? I don't get it.
You never will, either.
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