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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


50 People Who Make Delaware Great

While conservatives are all about hate, and tearing down people - we liberals celebrate the good in people. In that spirit (and in a shameless attempt to get more than three comments on a thread) I am taking nominations for the first annual, "The 50 People who make Delaware Great" list.

The floor is now open for nominations.

I'll start.

I nominate Senator Karen E. Peterson. Her commitment to her constituents and to the notion of open, democratic government sets her apart from other Delaware legislators on both sides of the isle.

I was going to nominate someone, but you apparently are all about "the good in people," except us "all about hate" conservatives. Quite the contradiction. me thinks.
You got me. I don't see the good in what conservative republicans have done to this country.
Here's a list:
Ended Slavery
Women's Sufferage
Civil Rights
National Parks
Ended Vietnam
The end of the Cold War

Those all seem like net gains to me.
Lets make a list of what the Conservatives have done to this country lately:
Started War
Promoted Friction between nations
Plunged us into debt
Refused to help our own citizens when they were devastated by storms.
Set Women's and civil rights back 50 years.
Get real--What have the conservatives done that is good for the country in the last ten years?

BTW, my nomination for people who make Delaware great is the voters of Delaware, for refusing to make this a state that voted for Bush.
Reduced the tax burdens on most Americans
Led the way after 9-11
Brought Democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq

And you must be talking about the voters of New Castle County. Kent & Sussex both went for Dubya.

In any case, I nominate National Committeewoman Priscilla Rakestraw. She is a great assest, not only to the state party, but to the state as a whole.
How about: Brought the economy back from the depths of recession after 9-11 by reducing the tax burden and promoting growth.

And if I was going to nominate someone, it certainly wouldn't be the Delaware voter, who, not once but twice, elected the worst Governor in Delaware history, hands down.
"Led the way after 9-11
Brought Democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq'

"How about: Brought the economy back from the depths of recession after 9-11 by reducing the tax burden and promoting growth."

Seriously. What have they done in reality, not in the crazy wing-nut cult you all believe in.
How about that the Conservatives have given young African-Americans role models in Condi Rice and Colin Powell rather than having just the rappers and ball players to look up to?

And bringing Democracy to Afghanistan and Iraq is a "real thing", Jason. Just because the people who live there have darker skin than you doesn't mean they don't deserve to be free, you jerk. Ask any woman who lived under the Taliban rule if that's a real thing or not.

U.S. GDP Rises in 3Q Despite Hurricanes
Wednesday November 30, 9:53 pm ET
By Jeannine Aversa, AP Economics Writer
U.S. Gross Domestic Product Rises at 4.3 Percent Annual Rate in Third Quarter Despite Hurricanes"

A 4.3% Quarterly GDP growth is NASTY. Add to that the hurricanes and what you have is an economy that is humming along.

I'm sure you can come up with more creative names like wing-nut cult, but it seems you are devoid of an actual argument.
"Ended Slavery"

I believe the question was good conservatives Republicans had done for America, not Republicans per se. By golly I am right. Here's the question:

"I don't see the good in what conservative republicans have done to this country."

I don't know any historian who wouls day that abolitionism was a conservative idea.
Ryan, the great tax rebate put, what, $600 dollars in pockets in a big, expensive show of a check in the mail.
Truth is that the real costs of living in America are not lessened by the drama for your benefit (I saw through that smoke and mirror ploy).
Now the states and counties are struggling to fix what's wrong by increased tax and less service.
The US Congress just saw the GOPers aghast at the rejected House spending bill by some of it's own, the bill that would have cut services for the neediest among us. Karen Peterson is my top one.
Say what you will about Clinton, when he left office we had a surplus. Now we have Dubya, and our children won't even be able to pay off the debt he's gotten us into. And for what? A bullshit war. The Iraquis don't have Democracy now any more than they did under Saddam. And the dumbass attacked the wrong country! If he'd have gone to Afghanistan and gotten rid of the Taliban, it would've been an accomplishment, but no, Bushie had to go attack Iraq so he could protect his source of wealth. Democracy indeed! What a dupe you are!
Nancy -- First of all, Ryan was talking about tax cuts, not tax rebates. It's the tax cuts that have led to the GDP growth mentioned above and to today's overwhelmingly positive job numbers.

Second, I'd love an example of "increased tax and less service" in Delaware.
Holy Batwings, anony!!!!
Let me start with incresed taxes: ENERGY related of the Christiana SD excuses for their huge increase request is to cover utility's expected jumps....did anyone say Cheney had to go to his buddy Scalia (duck a huntin) to cover up his ENERGY plan...II connect that with our present crisis....remember how Enron was pulling off a fake Energy crisis in CA?
Remeber how Meirs TX law firm recommended "funny" capital gains ploys later determined to be illegal (or verging therein) and remember Cheney-led Halliburton using the accounting scams that got Enron into trouble?

Those sorts of shenannigans at the top criss cross of corp and government create a morass at the bottom, a costly morass. This may not have completely answered the question but I am out of time.

Services? Well, the fact that the feds are poised to squash the medicare food stamps et al HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH SERVICES!!!
Back with a few minutes to follow up.
Newark city taxes threatened at 23% ended up voted in at 16% increase this year.

Part of that cost is energy related, some of it is just horrid do you spell reservoir lawsuits???

CSD wants more, more, more too...anybody else asking why don't these developers pay more impact fees!??

No child left behind is also a mandated cost left to the locals.

Coons has already told us that he can't pay for sewers without raising about the developer's infrastructure free rides...with DelDOT too.

DelDOT will not just walk away from the 2.7 billion they "need" these next 7 years....they are going to get it from us.

The more the federal level defers costs to deficits they escape immediate accountability.

Now that they want to rob the poor to pay for the rich's tax reduction....hell, we'll have to educate them poor folks to vote...for DEMS.

It's not like $5.10 minimum wage will buy you HEALTH CARE or anything. Without social services to fill in the gap and allowing the wealthy to absorb back even more wealth...things will not stand.
Nancy -- You referred to municipalities and school districts, DelDOT and New Castle County. Which of those entities is run by conservative Republicans? I'll save you the time -- NONE.

How would you deal with Medicare and Social Security -- knowing full well that if they are not dealt with they will bankrupt the nation before today's high schoolers retire?

I know many developers who would happily pay an impact fee, but they're not going to volunteer it.

Lastly, no one has made an argument against the point that the Bush tax cuts directly led to this quarters massive growth and 200,000+ jobs.
I would like to recommend Jerry Lechliter, a retired full bird colonel who was responsible for special ops and intel in Europe.
He has made a major contribution to the truth by researching and filing a report on the true military record of GWBush and then proceeded to enlist me to help him market in national media. The NYTimes thought that his research was the most well done and accurate of all of those who reported on the subject.

In addition, Jerry, has also submitted a report on the status of the research on Valerie Plame suggesting that it would be entirely within the right of the prosecutor to investigate the involvement of Mr. Rove inasmuch
as the release of such information is against the law since it should only have been released on a need to know basis and, therefore, the prosecutor, who choose not to take that tack, was well within his right to prosecute those who had released such information that was so classified.

I believe that codifies the information. It is through the work and efforts of non-political people like Jerry Lechliter who place honesty and integrity and justice above politics, that the interests of democracy are best served.

Les Aaron-Friedlieb
I think we've gotten away from nominating our "top 50 people who make DE great" topic... so in the interest of bringing us back on topic - here are my nominations:

Rebecca from Progressive Dems

Jack Markell (My understanding is that the whole e-government/web-solutions thing was his idea, and in my experience the site is the best/easiest to use government site in the region.)

The Nemours/AI duPont hospital folks - for keeping our children healthy...

And okay - this starts to get into my own personal list of people who make my day easier - but:

The woman who owns the Thai place in the Wilmington Farmers Market (by the train station)... she always makes me something "custom", and brightens my day...

We have the nicest and most polite toll takers on the east coast!

I know I have more people to list - but I won't embarrass anyone publicly - or open them up for debate unfairly, since the wouldn't even know I nominated them... :)

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
It doesn't matter who runs the local guvs the point is that reducing "government spending" at the federal level increases the need to pay out locally.

The myth of smaller government.

Globalization is where the rich are investing their tax savings and that IS NOT GOING TO HELP AMERICANS IN GENERAL.
Sure stock holders and their bottom line may hold onto gains...but we treat these corps as if they are loyal American Corps and deserve to be given tax breaks etc. They are not putting the money back in our country!!!!

Globalization is robbing Americans of secure jobs at home.
I'd just be guessing here, but it is the Reagan era de-regulations in accounting and other banking businesses and the games played with investments (like pensions) that have come back to haunt us, destroying the SS (after all the lock box talk of 2000 presidential debates...did the conservatives stary the hell out of the SS Trust Fund???? Hell no.
So who do you want to blame? It was the conservative congress of the '90's which led that robbery of the public savings.

And as with health care, the baby boomers are almost all Medicare recipients now, why didn't you guys let us get into universal health care and take steps to even out the costs and payouts of that medical/pharma world when it was doable in the '90's?
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