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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Read DWA about Tyler Nixon

I'm breaking with the democratic party on this one.

Nixon has more ideas for addressing our most pressing public policy issues before breakfast than most of our political hacks have in a career of "public" service.

One note to Tyler: I'm not a big fan of the head shot with the medal. Send me something more recent and I'll put it up.

What's wrong with a headshot with a medal - too much of a wimp to ever serve?
Guess you want others to serve to defend this nation while you sit in your nice home with your nice family running your nice business and not worry about the jihadi dropping a bomb on your head.
Any of you Progressive Dems ever serve a day in the military?
Clever trolls,

The medal is a distraction.
Thank you for the kind words, Jason. Knowing your dedication to the Democratic Party it is indeed and honor that you would break ranks like this.

To the anonymous commenters above, your comments are inappropriate and unnecessary. From everything I have read from him so far Mr. Scott opposes this war for the right reasons and does not want any more soldiers to pay the ultimate price, especially when those who send them to die would never do so themselves. He may seem unorthodox to those who think we should all simply swear allegiance to some nebulous, shifting, scattershot war abroad, that so far has only benefited war profiteers. I for one commend Jason's consistency and his efforts.

I cannot see the point of your comments, except as simple vitriol. As someone who served, I did so as much to protect his and others' rights to oppose war with every fiber of their being and with every freedom they have. I see only hypocrisy in those who trumpet war but want it to be fought by others. I would ask any of you above : have you contributed more than words to the war effort you apparently support?

Gen. MacArthur said : "The soldier above all others prays for peace, for it is the soldier who must suffer and bear the deepest wounds and scars of war."

Amen, Sir.
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