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Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Delawareliberal Corrections Policy

I had to make two corrections today and I made them. Unlike George Bush or Michael Castle I can admit when I'm wrong. Thanks to FTP for pointing out the first and Mike M for the second.

If number and frequency of my corrections ever equals the News Journal's (on a per story basis)I promise to stop blogging.

Gracious of you, Jase. At least you make such admissions ... unlike other "progressive" bloggers. Such admissions are anathema to them.
You're still a dickhead. And your man Gore is a hypocrit.

Former Vice President Al Gore appeared in Berkeley on Monday to lend his celebrity and reputation as a crusader against global warming to a measure on California's Nov. 7 ballot that would tax oil companies to raise $4 billion for green energy projects.

``I'm here to change peoples' minds on the climate crisis and to support Prop 87,'' Gore called to a group of reporters after he emerged from the ``100 miles per gallon'' Toyota Prius that brought him to a noontime rally in a sun-drenched park behind Berkeley's City Hall.

His motorcade also included three motorcycles, two limousines and a Dodge Ram 1500 light duty truck.
"You're still a dickhead."


Profanity is the linguistic crutch of inarticulate motherfuckers.
Joe: LOL!!!!
What about your correction on Frightland? You know you like them. Come on, admit it. It'll make you feel good.
Wow Jason,
You really are retarded! Good work...
y'all know that was not me
I demand a retraction!!
The trolls are getting fiesty. I love it. Say it with me everyone "Speaker Pelosi"
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