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Monday, May 15, 2006


Is "Anti-incumbency Rage" all the rage?

Tomorrow’s Pennsylvania primary will be a good barometer of anti-incumbency rage. Is it real? As a democrat, I sure hope so.

PA has 109 CleanSweep candidates running in the May primary. That is a huge number by any reckoning. These people were drawn to "CleanSweep" by last year's legislative pay raises. They come from every political party but they all seem to agree that "the government" is currently composed of "greedy career politicians".

That sentiment is good for Democrats. When PA "CleanSweepers" are quoted in the press they tend to bemoan the "the culture of arrogance and greed" that marks our current political climate, and as we all know one party has worked hard to create a "the culture of arrogance and greed." That is the party George Bush and Jack Abramoff.

Now, I'm sure Nancy Willing will protest that this movement is "non-partisan". She will point out (rightly) that that we have a bunch of lousy democrats that need to find other work. While that is true, the "net/net" of anti-incumbency is that republicans will lose more seats than democrats if it turns out to be real.

So listen to "Progressive Voices" at 7:30 on WVUD, 91.3 FM from the University of Delaware in Newark, DE or click on WVUD and jump on the cleansweep bandwagon.

They read emails during the show and respond if possible at

I promise that decleansweep will pick on lousy pols with an even hand.
There's no room for partisanship when we have the DE Way!!!!!!!
Why, that is exactly why both [arties should encourage primarying their dinosaurs.....
I talked with Sam Latham at Richard Korn's annoucement to run for the 20th House district seat.
Latham is an AFL-CIO leader among his other hats.
He says that he is joining the anti-incumbent movement with support for a Working Families Party that ACORN is backing.

I am going to meet with April Walker of ACORN to find out more about this technigue of garnering support with a third party.

For Latham to admit that there needs to be some new direction in the state of Delaware is a bold, big bad deal!
Nancy's problem is this: You're not going to touch the two pols that matter -- Vaughn and Adams. That's a virtual certainty. Without those two, any change is negligible at best. My opinion is that there will be little turnover; less than 5 combined House & Senate seats. the other problem is that those who do get elected have to abide by the rules laid down by leadership that survives. They have to play ball or they'll get shut out. That's the real world. Sorry, Nance.

The REAL Clean Sweep that is needed is to replace both parties' leadership in both houses. That's where we all need to band together, immediately after the election, demanding leadership change.
You're not going to touch the two pols that matter -- Vaughn and Adams. That's a virtual certainty. Without those two, any change is negligible at best.

DT -

What you don't get is that each time a man or woman stands for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance. (to borrow from RFK).

Replacing bad politicians with good people is a long slow process, and to do it you have to have faith in the process. If you have no faith in the process why not go live in a walled compound in Costa Rica?

(h/t RFK)
Jason -- Criticize a Democrat, just once; then you can start dishing out the advice.

And, in the real world, bad politicians are replaced with good people, who then become bad politicians because that's the system.
Criticize a Democrat, just once

Watch Fox News (or any "news" channel for that matter) if you want that.

I'm am unapologetic partisan. I'm also, it seems, much more optimistic about our future than you are.
Problem is, being an unapologetic partisan means you support people like Adams and Vaughn, and that makes you part of the problem, not the solution.
There is support and there is support. And by the way, people who voted for George Bush, should be wary of calling people "part of the problem".
Do you advocate for the defeat of Thurman Adams and James Vaughn in 2006?
Yes. Yes indeed! Oh my yes !

Both defeated in primaries by good honest democrats. Not in the general by republicons like Mark Schaeffer who is even more loathesome and vile than the low down dirty dog, Michael Castle.

By the way, Matt Denn is on the outs with Delawareliberal. (Until he renounces that DLC thing. I'm all about purity.)
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