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Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Fake Moderate Michael Castle Fails Horribly in Recent Attempt to NOT Sound Impotent

I need to go through the beginning of this News Journal story line by line so that everyone can get a grasp of how impotent Castle is.

WASHINGTON – Ending months of speculation, Delaware Rep. Mike Castle announced Monday that he would not seek to become chairman of the House education committee. “The bottom line is I wouldn’t make it,”

Okay, so far so good. He did not have the votes. Then Jennifer Brooks chimes in with this lie that is so widespread that it a part of Delaware lore.

…said Castle, a moderate (sic) with a long track record of bucking House leadership on controversial issues (sic).

That is your “liberal” media for you. C’mon Jennifer, don’t parrot what Castle’s staff tells you about him. Check the votes. He only “bucks” the leadership when the question has been settled. When his vote matters he goes with the party line. Do some research. Get thee to a computer.

Anyway, here comes the good part where Castle attempts to disguise his impotence is as character.

”Let’s face it, once you have a committee, you have to totally support the leadership in anything. And that’s never been one of my interests.”

Oh the rank duplicity! First of all of this “you have to totally support the leadership in anything” is complete bullshit on its face. If Castle had the VOTES he would be the chair. Secondly, “And that’s never been one of my interests” should read: “And that’s never been one of my interests…unless the vote is close.”

It is not surprising that Jennifer Brooks would help Castle out in spreading this lie, real reporting is tough. You have to look things (like votes) up, and you have to remember to say, "Really!?" when you think congressional staffers are lying to you. However it is surprising that Castle would lie so openly and so brazenly in an election year.

Calling him a liar is a bit shrill.
Here's that right-wing dupe Jennifer Brooks on the Alito hearings:

Even so, Biden still walked away from Wednesday's hearing with better press than than his colleague, Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., who made Alito's wife cry.

Martha-Ann Bomgardner left the hearing room in tears after Graham -- in what was meant to be a friendly round of questioning -- asked the nominee how he felt about Democrats implying that he was a "bigot."

Jason - it's not going to happen. I highly recommend you don't invest too much hope in this race, only to get crushed when he is reelected.

Okay. Maybe Castle was "mistaken" about being a moderate.


When he gets re-elected (which we all know is going to happen with boosters with big megaphones like the News Journal) it will not be becuase I invested too little hope.
Just a little friendly advice. I've gotten into races before when my candidate didn't have a chance, and it's not worth the frustration.
Thanks Yoda.

- Luke
I'm not happy about Castle's recent vote on the budget, along with various other issues that will probably inspire me to vote for "Democrat sheep for slaughter" this time around. However, I still think Castle deserves respect for his leadership in the stem cell debate, which flies in the face of Republican leadership. Most people not on an extreme DO consider Castle to be a moderate - I think he's right of center, but compared to other Republicans, he is still a moderate voice, more of which are needed for Congress to actually get things done.
I still think Castle deserves respect for his leadership in the stem cell debate, which flies in the face of Republican leadership.

I'm on Castle's side on stem cells, but I have to wonder if the GOP is just humoring him because they know he isn't going to get anywhere with it. The test of Castle's conviction will come if Dems take the House - will Castle get his stem-cell bill introduced? Or will GOP leadership shut it down?

jason is on the mark here, Castle only bucks leadership when it doesn't matter to them. If he ever became an effective gadfly to the GOP they'd run him out of town.

Heck, Castle isn't even on the Club For Growth's list of RINOs - surely a badge of honor for any moderate. The Club doesn't care about social issues - the way you stay off that list is by voting for every GOP tax and budget bill.
Castle forced DeLay into a stem cell vote last year by delivering a block of votes on a bill. That both flew in the face of the leadership and "carried water" at the same time. It's how you make headway when the leadership doesn't like your policy. You have to go along to get along, and then you can put your moderate policies on the agenda.
Everyone agrees that Castle is an expert at hitting the right moderate notes from time to time. A pro-environment vote here, a stem cell bill there. He keeps just enough left of center types on board to be able to make the brazen claim that he is "moderate" in spite of his many votes for the radical economic agenda of the extreme right wing.

There was a time when being a moderate meant something. When moderates worked to "moderate" the extreme views within their caucuses. Delay and Bush changed all of that. Castle has not contributed any meaningful moderation to the republican party, hence the observation above that in addition to being a fake-moderate, he is politically impotent.
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