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Thursday, October 12, 2006


What Does Michael Castle's Health insurance look like?

So far here is what I have:

(Congressmen) are part of the Federal Employee Health Benefit Program. They have a choice of between 5 and 10 health plans in each city. Some are HMOs, some are regular insurance with preferred provider programs. They select a plan they like, the federal government pays a large portion of the premium, and they pay the rest. For more expensive plans with a lot of choices of doctors and hospitals and more services, Senators and Congressmen pay more. For the basic plan they pay a little premium.

I don't know how much of the premium Castle pays but I think it is a safe bet that he was not very worried about his deductable when he had to go to John's Hopkins for tests after his stroke. And while you and I have to fight with our insurance companies to allow us to see our prefered doctors, I doubt Castle needed to stay "in network" when he got his brainwaves measured.

The fact is, Castle has been living in the upholstered cocoon of elected office since 1966. He does not worry about insurance. Tomorrow the press will fawn all over him like he is some kind of hero. I'm sorry but I don't see it. I think the heros are people who go through what he has with the deck stacked against them. I think the heros are the people who have thier drivers licenses yanked and still somehow make it to therapy across town. The guy who sticks it out in some shitty job because his daughter needs an MRI. That is a hero.

i agree. if mike castle really wanted to show the common people in delaware that he cared about them he wouldnt have gone to some fancy pants hospital. he should have just rubbed some dirt on it. ive had enough of these crooked politicians with their reasonable insurance plans. my cousin john is a chemical engineer who graduated from MIT and works for dupont. he gets full medical and dental. what the hell? why should the smartest, hardest working people with the best jobs get all the good insurance plans? im a 35 year old man who lives in my parents' basement and reads blogs all day. when will i get mine?
Overall, not bad. The lower case is a bit affected, and too bad the number of uninsured Americans has grown to 46.6 million this year. That fact kind of undercuts the snark.

Keep trying though. I sense a nascent talent.
I just got laid off. I'm getting a toothache. My dopey nephew must've jinxed me.
Ahh, my dopey cousin, I mean. His Uncle John got laid off last spring.
Does this mean your opposing Biden, Carper, Minner, Carney etc.
hap - you did not eat your wheaties or something today.

What are you getting at? I don;t like politicos w/ insurance? False.

I don't like politcos with insurance who also get back rubs and bon bons from the 4th estate.
"living in the upholstered cocoon of elected office since 1966"

like: Biden, Carper, Minner, Carney etc.
Oh. Yes.

I agree. Politicians who have been cut of from real life for more than 25 years are bad for society.
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