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Wednesday, October 04, 2006


Well, Celia is panicky

Check out these quotes:

The only opponent Castle has is himself. His small stroke Sept. 23 reduced Spivack to irrelevancy. As long as Castle shows the voters he's on the mend, he wins.

The outcome of Castle's campaign this time probably has more to do with his own health than anything Democrat Dennis Spivack or two minor-party candidates can do.

Notice anything strange? Since I am a Doctor of Cohen studies I can decode those sentences for you.

First of all notice the qualifier in front of the word stroke? It is hard to minimize a stroke, but she must try. Now notice the bitter contempt of Dennis Spivack. A mere human could have no impact on the race, and yet she is trying hard to face an un-faceable reality. Castle could lose. Her lovely hero - Michael Castle might not make it over the finish line.

She clearly heard something in his voice during that phone call that set off alarm bells - and now his silence since the call must be nearly deafening.

Celia Watch - Edition 173 - Celia Shores Up Potholes Along the Delaware Way

I have said it before and it bears repeating : Celia Cohen is Crap. She is an empty skirt filled only with gushing pablum for useless political fossils and barely breathing anachronisms.

Next up on Celia Watch - Highlights from Jim Vaughn's R&R Vacation Plus Celia Discusses "Benign" Cancer
I heard you on the radio today...good work! You are one of the most inarticulate and uniformed people I've ever heard. Keep it up! You'll soon be next to Mark Foley serving time for libel.
Thanks for listening and remeber to patronize our fine sponsors!
"...I think we have one of the toughest bars in the STATE..."


You referring to the Hi-Ho Tavern(all due apologies to the Hi-Ho clients)?
uh...Country. My bad.

A full recap of the Castle part of the radio broadcast is in the works. If you have an audio - I'd be in your debt.
Who, me? Damn, I think I lost it. I had Dan Gaffney record it for me, but it got broken or something. No, wait, it was recording in the other cart. Yeah, that's, we may have a recoverable version (after the subpeona comes).

I will give it to you if you blog every day until Nov EIGHTH (we have to get psat the election) that Spivak sucks.

Seriously, I don't have one. Stupid Gaffney.
Well thanks for not mentioning frightland at least.
Ooo, right. I was on this hayride there, at Frightland, the Haunted Spivak Congressional Tour Hayride. I had the audio with me there. I saw the mock future with Spivack sitting in the US House and then I was so frightened, I dropped it. Dan Gaffney rushed up and broke it in a fit of rage, saying something about bad audio quality and "Mike Matthews, I will get you." Maybe it was a Frightland character or something. Ooh, just so spooky.
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