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Thursday, October 12, 2006


Walking Press Conference

It totally sucks that I am going to be out of town for Old Newbold's return to the public stage.

I just know the lap dog press is going to be chowing down on Castle's BS like Kirstie Alley at an Old Country Buffet after a week of eating nothing but cottage cheese and pineapples. [Even now Celia Cohen is standing in front of a mirror somewhere holding blouse after blouse up to her neck thinking, "hmmm, no...too pink., too provocative., too blue...hmmm...this green one...yes, Michael likes green." ]

At least Mike Mathews will be on hand to keep them a little honest. Anyway now that he is walking here are some of the things I'd like to get Castle's response to:

- Are you well enough to reschedule any of the forums or debates with Dennis Spivack that you've canceled? What if Spivack agreed to sit on stage in a wheel chair similar to yours?

- Chemical companies made large contributions to your campaign and in turn you worked to get them tariff subsidy relief. Did you work out the size and timing of those contributions in advance?

- Being a supporter of the occupation of Iraq puts you at odds with most Delawareans. Since we have only one at-large rep in Congress, do you think that Delaware's representative should represent the views of the people of Delaware?

And finally these are the questions that I've been trying to get answered for 6 months:

- Do you still think George Bush is doing a great job?

- Knowing what we now know about George Bush, do you regret chairing his election and re-election campaigns here in Delaware?

UPDATE: Jim Vaughn's wife Sylvia explains Vaughn's approach to his race by ringing the truth bell. "he (Vaughn), like Congressman Mike Castle, is depending on his reputation to retain his legislative seat.” h/t - FSP

If only Jane Castle or Elizabeth Wenk could be so honest. Anyway, I don't know about you but I'm glad Castle is running on his reputation. Carrying water for George Bush for six years has left him with quite a reputation indeed.

Michael likes green.

So true.
I wish Celia would ask some real questions once in a while so I did not have to be so truthful. Some people mistake being truthful and direct for being harsh.
ive noticed that you are often very truthful. like how you said mike castle has been carrying water for george bush for the last six years. in an unrelated story, i just thought of a random trivia question: how many times has george bush used his presidential veto to block a bill that was authored by a democrat? how many times has george bush used his presidential veto to block a bill that was authored by mike castle? back to your truthfulness, though, yeah youre totally truthful and stuff.
One freaking issue. How you Castle lovers must love that stem cell veto? You stroke it and caress it and...oh....ooh yes.... stem cells...

Where was I?
how many times has george bush used his presidential veto to block a bill that was authored by a democrat?

Check back in six months or so and we'll talk.
to anony 11:27
kiss my ass

you want to drag out the stem cell set up.
Hey Jason. how long have we been waiting for some knucklehead like this to spill it???
He/she is heeeerrrrreeeeee.
yeah, youre right. the only time castle ever breaks the line with bush is on stem cell research.
and abortion
and gay rights
and affirmative action
and energy policy
and the environment
and campaign finance
and gun control
and immigration
So you think Castle will become part of a veto-proof majority for the Democratic versions of those bills next year? dream on.
...actually, a Dem Congress and Bush as president is "fake-moderate heaven."

Castle can then vote for every moderate-sounding bill because he knows it will be vetoed. Heck, Castle could actually achieve a genuine liberal voting record without a single bill being signed.

I wonder if all R congressmen will flip-flop on PAYGO when the realize they aren't going to get more tax cuts in a Dem Congress.
Castle's sham moderation is one of this things I hope the press asks him about today.

I will not be holding my breath.
so in conclusion, it would be useless to have a liberal congress because the all powerful bush will veto everything anyways.
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