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Friday, October 06, 2006


Truth fights its way through News Journal puff piece on Castle

Despite Doug Williams, determined efforts to bury the hard truth in a bed of fluffy happy talk - three significant truths finally see the light of day in Patrick Jackson's story on Castle.

1) He was on a ventilator as initially reported by Mike Matthews. This puts the lie to all of Elizabeth Wenk's earlier BS about how Castle was walking around and joking about sports on the day of the stroke. Why anyone should believe Wenk now is beyond me.

2) Wenk will not allow a neurologist to speak on the record. The report quotes Castle's CARDIOLOGIST Nicholas Fortuin. Why? Castle did not suffer a heart attack. Maybe Castle's neurologist might have felt honor bound to tell the truth about strokes which effect the thalamus - instead of trying to stick with the party line that the thalamus is not a real important part of the brain. [Thalamic strokes don't cause lack of motor function. Fortuin got that right. But they do cause apathy, and amnesia, personality changes, and loss of self-activation.] No biggy right Doug? What the public does not know can't hurt them.

3) Even his CARDIOLOGIST does not see Castle return to something approaching normalcy until at least JANUARY. Again, wenk tries to paint a rosy scenario by which Castle is back in "a week". Somehow that week reminds me of Mr. Bush's "another six months" for Iraq. It is that mythological unit of time that keeps receding like the horizon as you approach it.

Castle 's Wenk is not doing her boss any favors. This front page story attempted to carry water for Castle (yet again) only served to raise more questions that it answered. The "run out the clock" strategy is clearly on. For people, like Doug Williams, who are fine with that I have one question: Does that seat in Congress belong to Michael Castle or does it belong to the people of Delaware?

UPDATE: A back channel commenter notes that a stroke is a circulation issue so it makes sense that a cardiologist is the medical spokesperson.

That is a good dodge of you are trying to cover for why a neurologist was not quoted. But other than that it does not hold up. For one thing - the medical spokesperson is not talking about circulation but Catsle's motors skills. That is the realm of neurology.

Patrick Jackson can be reached at

Today they report a Johns Hopkins expert giving Castle another week of isolation...deciding weekly if he is going to be able to appear in public.

The doctor said that the thalamus provides alternative pathways for information flow and that is what he expects is happening with Castle's brain function.

While Mike's brain is creating new ways to think, remember and make judgements the public still deserves to quickly get a first hand read on this.

Spivack's quotes were weak weak weak.

His handlers want him to sit back like a pussy and go to forums with a Castle surrogate who DOES AND SA"YS NOTHING of substance like at the forum last night.

The Pike Creek forum I attended did not offer the voter anything from Castle's camp besides a bumper sticker.
What can Spivack do that does not look like he is kicking the guy while he is down?

It is a lose/lose for him. He can't challenge Castle directly on his horrible record and he can't call the doctors a bunch of liars who are hiding Castle in the hospital.
you know me...I love to poke fun

I was reading your line that says:

[Thalamic strokes don't cause lack of motor function. Fortuin got that right. But they do cause apathy, and amnesia, personality changes, and loss of self-activation.....

doesn't apathy mean:lack of interest in or concern for things that others find moving or exciting

is that really caused by a stroke or is that just b/c he is a Republican....

good work as always...
Budget Deficit Drops to $250 Billion

AP ^
The federal budget estimate for the fiscal year just completed dropped to $250 billion, congressional estimators said Friday, as the economy continues to fuel impressive tax revenues.
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