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Saturday, October 14, 2006


State FOP passes on Wharton

I've been somewhat agnostic on the AG race, but this is interesting.

Blue State Rising reports:

There is no doubt that this is an absolute steal for the Biden campaign, and Beau did not hide that fact in issuing a statement today:

“I don’t think anyone expected this outcome. It must have been hard for some of the members of the FOP to not support a person whom they’ve known and worked with for so long. It took a lot of courage but I think it sends a clear message that they want change in the Department of Justice. I won’t let them down.”

If Ferris is such a great prosecutor why couldn't he get a jury of cops (who he's worked with) to support him?

Joe Biden drafts a bill that puts hundreds of thousands of new cops on the street. Joe Biden holds the keys to funding those positions. And this surprises you?'s even worse than that. Joe Biden was supposed to SPEAK at the event and his name was brought up CONSTANTLY before the vote. Fact.

The vote was 50-50. Had Papa Joe not had such a strong "presence" at yesterday's vote, my sources tell me Ferris would have handily won the endorsement.

In fact, there was so much shady business at yesterday's meeting that I believe a re-vote is in order. But that's just me.
hey guys -- excuses are like assholes. everybody has em and they all stink

the point is that they may well have to work for ferris, and they still chose not to endorse him. and you think it's because they're scared of joe?

maybe if FW spent less time obsessing over BB and more time talking about his 'experience'...
"you think it's because they're scared of joe?"

Anon, are you aware that funding for all of the COPS positions is in question right now and that Biden recently held hearings in Wilmington to discuss it with police from all over the state? Do you think this is coincidental?
By the way, Ferris hates the State Fair and is going to tear down all of our cherished Delaware traditions like "return day" if elected.

That might have been a factor in the FOP vote.
Nice use of inside joke.
BTW, I was at the Rotary meeting and Ferris DID NOT say he hated the State Fair. He was talking about all the new things he's done since he's become a candidate and merely said it was interesting. Which if any of you have ever been to the State Fair you would have to admire Ferris' restraint because it is truly 10 days of hell. Beau completely overreacted to that comment so of course his biggest cheerleader (next to the News Journal), Celia Cohen chose to write about that in her column.
Look the DEMs under Clinton advocated and acted to put police where they were needed and the GOP stripped them back out.

Crime is much worse as a result.

Why can't we go for the truth here and that is that fighting the Iraqis and spending ALL OF OUR money there has reduced the quality of life in America and the number of police is just one aspect of this.
no offense...but we are talking about Wilmington cops too right?

again no offense...
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